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Author: Tubes [ 17 Apr 2012 04:05 pm ]
Post subject: Weapons

I’ve finally buckled (after my central heating quote wasn’t as expensive) & bought the bits I require for an Escher gang (& some extra Redemptionists if Luke doesn’t have them). I ordered everything from Wayland (I don’t work for them), including several spruces of Hasslefree sci-fi weapons, zombie weapons (for shotguns & evicsorator/chainsaw) & support weapon sprue.

I’m not going to replicate photos for all I got, so here is the link to hasslefree’s website

Author: snailracer [ 17 Apr 2012 04:15 pm ]
Post subject: Re: Weapons

They do do some nice stuff. I’m thinking of making up a van saar gang using a bunch of their human sci-fi minis or their Grymm, I do however need to ask the question if anyone would mind me using Grymm as they are quite a lot smaller than gw minis. Harder to hit but cant see over stuff; is that a fair trade?

What minis have you gone for for escher gangers?

Author: Tubes [ 17 Apr 2012 06:48 pm ]
Post subject: Re: Weapons

I’ve gone for Dark Eldar Wyches. However I’ll try to remove/hide the DE details to try to make the models like the original Escher models… fingers crossed.

As for your choice of Van Saar…uummm I’m not quite sure. How much smaller are they? Looking at the prices I would maybe suggest a multi-part plastic box set for: cost, flexibility & scale? Anyone got any other views, recommendations?

Author: snailracer [ 18 Apr 2012 06:27 pm ]
Post subject: Re: Weapons

Thing is I’ve been looking for a reason to buy some grymn for a while…. theyre 22mm to the eyes not 28mm like gw but theyre a bit smaller again as theyre true scale not heroic like gw.

In necromunda terms they would be able to take cover more easily but wouls also not be able to shoot over obstacles as easily so would have to stand in less cover to shoot! I have seen a suggestion of putiing them on tall scenic bases to make them fit the game mechanic, but I dont really like that idea.

A box of plastic guardsmen or similar would be cheaper but I’m just not feeling it

Author: snailracer [ 19 Apr 2012 07:07 am ]
Post subject: Re: Weapons


Grymn is the one at the front (Agnar)

Author: DOOM [ 19 Apr 2012 10:22 am ]
Post subject: Re: Weapons

I don’t think they’ll be suitable. They look very small in comparison and I think that could make playing a bit awkward as we might always be thinking of, “but if it was a full size model…”.

In the rules it says if you can see less than 50% of a model it’s -2 to hit and that’ll be very easy with them.

If everyone uses the same scale models then it makes life a lot easier. They do look like cool models though! I can’t understand why they made them a smaller scale?!

Author: snailracer [ 19 Apr 2012 04:21 pm ]
Post subject: Re: Weapons

Thats the big worry in laying out cash for them. I dont want to create arguments in the game. Trouble is I’m limited for funds and want to get something I want if I buy anything. I may just go with my genestealer cult and possibly use them as delaques or try and find some updated rules for cults in necromunda (althought the ones I have are probly ok).

Author: BrizzleRob [ 20 Apr 2012 08:59 pm ]
Post subject: Re: Weapons

It’s a difficult one. I can see Doom’s observation that smaller miniatures will benefit more from -2 to hit modifiers, which could make a big difference (I remember how difficult it was to hit anything in the first place!). On the other hand no-one wants to tell Snailracer what he canoe can’t buy, particularly if you’ve had your eye on it for a while.

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