Warboss Gorfang ‘eadsplitta’ and his Boyz
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Author: snailracer [ 11 Feb 2008 11:20 pm ]
Post subject: Warboss Gorfang ‘eadsplitta’ and his Boyz


As an Ork Warboss Gorfang is always up for a fight. Fortunately for the Imperium his eagerness for a fight usually leaves him woefully underprepared. Not known for his strategy (even for an Ork) Gorfang charges headlong into the enemy with as many as his boyz as possible, as quickly as possible. This usually leaves half of his boyz slogging it out on foot just in time to reach the remnants of the Warboss squads. Gorfang uses this point in most battles to activate his personal teleporter and leave the boyz to cover his exit.

Fortunately there are always plenty of boyz willing to follow a battle hardened Warboss into a fight, so it’s never too long before Gorfang is back in the thick of it 8)

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