The Pedron System
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Author: snailracer [ 29 Jan 2012 07:20 pm ]
Post subject: The Pedron System

Ok knocked up a few ideas for the system:

The Pedron System. Situated on the outer edge of the segmentum obscurus (this puts it in the same segmentum as calixis and cadia).

O 1. 2. 3.* 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.**,*** 9. 10.

0. Pedron star
1. Proereffe – plasma vapour world
2. Issaere – Volcanic death world
3. Pedron prime – Hive world
* Oxack – Moon of Pedron Prime
4. Pedron Secundus – Agri world.
5. Pedron III – Mining world. Massive industrial facilities, Hives and Hab domes.
6. Asteroid belt
7. Pedron IV – Abandoned industrial world. Frozen wasteland. Used as a base for mining ships taking minerals from the asteroid belt. There are many old manufactoriums and hives where looters, pirates and cultist cells can hide away.
8. Preast – Gas Giant
** Otherest – Moon of Preast. Imperial Navy way station
*** Othereast – Moon of Preast. Classified.
9. Voth – Xeno (access denied)
10. Reff – Dead world


Author: DOOM [ 29 Jan 2012 07:47 pm ]
Post subject: Re: The Pedron System

That looks like a great lay out to me. Only change is I’d make Pedron IV an ice-world as it’ll be too far out to be temperate; Pedron Prime would be the only real temperate/inhabitable planet.

Pedron IV could be an abandoned industrial world, which used to be used as a base for mining ships taking minerals from the asteroid belt. There could be many old manufactoriums and hive where looters, pirates and cultist cells can hide away.

Pedron III would be barely hospitable, but so rich in minerals that it has been developed with massive mining facilities and hives.

Pedron Prime is the world we’ve been fighting over in our 40k skirmishes, so it’s populated by orks, tyranids, old Eldar shrines and artifacts, as well as the remains of the lost human civilisation that once populated it.

The system as a whole has been a war zone ever since the Imperium has been re-populating the mining world so I think it will be “thriving” in some areas and have many dangerous hidden locations to explore.

And to answer your question from the character generating thread, I made the name up. Well, not exactly, but took it from a random source :)

Essentially I think we should consider the system as a fringe outpost of the Imperium, which has received a great deal of investment and has much interested from all our various forces.

Author: Tubes [ 29 Jan 2012 08:20 pm ]
Post subject: Re: The Pedron System

Sounds good, but I assume it primarily for you to create scenarios. As per your other post I love the idea of a couple of guys on a mission with loads of unsuspecting civvies around. Whether it be hunting down cultists, a hive, Eldar scout/corsairs, rogue psyker or even zombies!!!

Author: snailracer [ 29 Jan 2012 10:31 pm ]
Post subject: Re: The Pedron System

Cool I will edit the planet types as per your suggestions.

I was thinking of starting the Inq campaign just after the imperium have begun re-colonising but before there have been any major alien incursions. Gives plenty of scope for characters to try and prevent/help cults/invading aliens.

The initial aliens would be minor ork infestations, the odd eldar protecting an artefact and maybe a hibernating genestealer or two.

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