The Pedron Expansion
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Author: snailracer [ 30 Jan 2012 10:06 pm ]
Post subject: The Pedron Expansion

I’ve started a bit of background. It starts before the Pedron system has been re-discovered and this extract takes us up to discovery:

The Pedron expansion

The vibration aboard the Sword Class Frigate ‘The Emperors Will’ grew as she began the jump to warp space. Inquisitor Lord Herminio Tyran was listening intently to every noise the recently refitted ship made as she strained against the energies of the warp. Very soon the warp field would bubble around the hull and allow smooth passage to the Kaledon system on the galactic northern fringe of the segmentum obscurus. Inquisitor Lord Tyran let his thoughts drift to the kaledon system. It was barely significant in Imperial terms but did raise enough Guard regiments to make it worth keeping under the sway of the Imperium. There were two major planets in the system, both ruled by various clans who fought each other for supremacy and paid their tithes in souls for the Regiments. The clans would normally keep each other in check but a new alliance was growing under the system governor, Gilberto Archaos. Tyran had aided Archaos’ rise from within Clan Kalde to the role of system governor and was being repaid by subordination and a threat to open trade links with the treacherous Eldar. The old Inquisitor shuddered at the thought of the Xenos. The Mighty Eldar. Archaos was a fool, the Xenos promise trade but would only bring destruction to the system. Tyran as a member of the Inquisition and the Ordo Xenos could not allow the foolishness to continue. Archaos would have to step in line with the will of the Emperor or be replaced. This had brought him aboard ‘The Emperors Will’ and into the large but austere quarters he himself had designed. He knew the layout of this ship like the Amalathian doctrine ingrained into his soul. This ship and its Captain had taken many hours of his time to organise and manipulate into being and the young man now in command of the frigate owed him much. The inquisitor had gained a very powerful tool to bring the will of the Emperor to bear on all threats to the status quo of the Imperium. Tyran’s thoughts were interrupted by a change in note of the ships vibrations and a sudden quiet as she punched through into warp space. He headed to the desk in the quarters and began to write a message on a data slate to send to Acolyte Cedomir. The Inquisitor in training was being left on his own to keep Tyran’s operations active whilst he was away. It would serve as an excellent lesson and the old Inquisitor was hoping to use the experience as final proof of the acolyte’s suitability for ascension to the rank of Inquisitor. Tyran was about to send the message when the ship began to vibrate violently. He immediately hit the comm link on his wrist auspex to speak to the Captain. The Captain was mid sentence as the feed came through ‘…and get the shields down around the Astropaths before they overload and kill us all. My Lord…’
‘Captain. Report.’
‘My Lord, we have run into an unexpected warp storm of some ferocity’
‘How has this been allowed to occur Captain? We are on a well mapped and oft navigated route. I hope the Astropaths have been suitably admonished?’
‘My Lord, they are currently fighting for their lives to keep the predations of the warp from the ship. Two have paid with their lives already..’
‘I will be on the bridge immediately’
Tyran left his quarters via the panelling on the wall. The passage led directly to the bridge and he was now glad he had included it in the refit plans. Unexpected warp storms were not good news and were normally highly destructive to ships and the plans of those on board. Tyran appeared on the bridge as the Captain was shouting orders to the tech adepts desperately trying to contain the energies being generated by the struggling astropaths. The Captain turned his attention to the navigator.
‘Do we have any alternative routes Lieutenant?’
‘There is nothing Sir. The storm is all around us and extends to the ends of our instrument range. It’s as if the storm has locked onto the ship’
‘Keep trying Lieutenant.’
The Captain turned and noticed the Inquistor. ‘My Lord, we are in a perilous situation. I fear this storm will tear us asunder’
‘What are our options Captain? Can we ride the storm out?’
‘The chances of riding out a storm of this magnitude are less than 10%. Our only choice is to find a route though the maelstrom.’
‘Then find one Captain’
There was silence on the bridge as the conversation ended. All hands desperately searched their data slates for any sign of an alternative route as the vibrations and noise grew louder until conversation was virtually impossible. An astropath screamed a silent agonising scream as light burst from his eyes and his head exploded in a dazzling burst. The situation was becoming desperate and all hands prepared for the worst as another flash of light flooded the bridge. Prayers were offered to the Emperor as the Captain ready the engine self destruct to prevent the worst depredations of the warp taking the ship and crew. Tyran watched impassively and contemplated the will of the Emperor and the multitude of tasks that now lay ahead for Cedomir when a flickering light on the navigator’s station caught his eye. The navigator was too busy praying to the Emperor for his soul to notice the light. Tyran hurriedly made his way across the bridge and startled the man out of his despair as he read the data being displayed. One of the astropaths had found a faint beacon through the storm and a course had been laid that appeared to take the ship along a calm route in the swirling warp storm. The navigator looked at Tyran through the eyes of a man saved from the gallows and Tyran had to slap him out of his stupor to make him realised he was not saved yet. The Lieutenant punched the course co-ordinates in and the ship altered to its new heading. Almost instantly the storm lessened and the bridge regained some calm. Captain Christianus immediately cancelled the self destruct sequence and looked questioningly at the Inquisitor and navigator. Tyran answered the look ‘One of the astropaths found a beacon through the storm. The path we are following appears to be the only safe route through, so we seem destined to follow it. I am unsure of what to make of it but I will devote my time to finding an explanation. I will be in my quarters. Have the astropath who located the beacon sent to me when he is relieved, I will need to question him’. The Captain nodded an acknowledgment as Tyran left.
Over the next few hours the running got smoother until the ship was experiencing what could only be called normal warp travel. The Captain tried several times to alter course to the original heading but always found his way blocked by the storm and was forced to continue to the unknown destination. Tyran was perturbed by the clear route and searched through a great many documents to find any record of similar storms and survivors. Nearly all records he found described the survivors as being ravaged by the depredations of the warp and fit only for extermination after interrogation. One or two reports came through the filters from Imperial myth of millennia past but Tyran preferred to stay vigilant and dared not to dream of divine intervention.
Several hours later the astropath entered his quarters and was questioned. Tyran could find no evidence of the taint of Chaos, only a dedicated and pious young man who found a beacon shining through the maelstrom. He was sent back to his quarters but Tyran decided to keep a close watch on him in order to be sure of his initial findings.
The next three days passed uneventfully. The crew swept the ship thoroughly for damage and intrusion but none was found. Tyran continued his search of the available documents but could not find anything of particular use, especially as he only had access to the information on his data slates and not the inquisitions files. As the fourth day dawned in the artificial environment of the frigate the Captain hailed the Inquisitor ‘My Lord, we are nearing the beacon and the storm around us is abating. Within the next few hours we will be able to drop from warp space and investigate’
‘Thank you Captain. I will join you on the bridge shortly’
The next few hours went past in a flurry of activity preparing the ship for the exit from the warp. Tyran watched impassively as the crew happily slipped into the routines that were second nature to them and imprinted on them through hours of rigorous training. It was the poetry of Imperial doctrine unchanged since it was laid down millennia before and it made Tyran give praise to the Emperor.
The ship began the descent from the warp and the vibrations grew as she punched her way back into the material universe. As the universe materialised around the ship the systems all went quiet. The Captain requested status reports and was told that all was normal but no data was available on where or when they were. Minutes passed as the crew tried to locate stellar bodies to triangulate a position but could only surmise that they were at the edge of the known galaxy.

Author: BrizzleRob [ 31 Jan 2012 09:28 pm ]
Post subject: Re: The Pedron Expansion

Nice bit of fluff. Good read :)

Author: snailracer [ 31 Jan 2012 10:12 pm ]
Post subject: Re: The Pedron Expansion

Cheers. More to follow when I get time to write it down. Hoping to get a good few characters into it and give some background to both the 40k and Inquisitor side.

Author: DOOM [ 31 Jan 2012 10:27 pm ]
Post subject: Re: The Pedron Expansion

Great read and really jealous you are able to write fluff like this! I’ve been trying to write for so long and it never comes out well. I think I’m just naturally not a very good writer, however much I’ve always wanted to be.

Look forward to reading more and potentially taking part in some inquisitor and more, meaningful 40k in the future.

On the 40k front I have started writing a “co-op” 40k scenario where 4 players play against me, each assuming the roles of 4 Imperial guard officers. Should be very interesting I hope and shouldn’t take too long, 2 hours max.

Anyway, keep up the writing!

Author: snailracer [ 05 Feb 2012 01:53 pm ]
Post subject: Re: The Pedron Expansion

Captain Christianus ordered the shields be dropped in an attempt to gather more data and gain some sort of visual perspective on the situation. As the shields lowered every instrument panel on the bridge lit up and began displaying data at a phenomenal rate. Every system on board the frigate was downloading information from an outside source. The Captain demanded an explanation from the crew as a whole but there was no response as every rank fought to decipher the mass of information before them. Tyran stood impassively attempting to watch as many screens as possible to help him understand the situation. His efforts were interrupted as his data slate sprang into life and also began downloading. The old inquisitor hurriedly tried to prevent this from happening as his personal memory files held much sensitive information that was for inquisition eyes only. Tyran watched helplessly as the data flooded into his device and was about to turn it off when he noticed an Inquisitorial =I= data seal flash across the screen. He realised that this could only come from an Imperial Inquisitorial source and spoke aloud ‘The Emperor be Praised’. Captain Christianus heard him from across the bridge ‘Have you found something My Lord?’
‘I believe I Have Captain. This data is all Imperial data. We are in an Imperial system, but it would appear to be a system outside of recent imperial control’ as he spoke the ships systems ceased downloading and a system map sprung up from the viewer console. ‘It would appear Captain that we are in the Pedron System. It is not one that I recognise so I would suggest that we proceed with caution’. The Captain replied ‘Thank you My Lord.’ And then spoke to the ship as a whole ‘The Emperors Will has brought us to a lost Imperial system. It is now our duty as his loyal servants to explore his lost system and return it to the Imperial fold.’ He then spoke only to the bridge ‘I want all of the downloaded data analysed immediately. I want to know everything we have gathered about this system first and any other pertinent information second. The rest needs to be copied to my data slate. Navigation I want a course laid in for the source of the information.’ The crew replied as one ‘yes SIR’.

Tyran had moved to study the system map. The Pedron system was made up of eight planets orbiting a stable star. The display in front of him listed them in order from smallest to largest orbits. The planet closest to the star was a plasma vapour world named Proereffe, next was Issaere, a volcanic death world, and third was Pedron Prime. Pedron Prime was listed as a hive world that once had a population of ten billion imperial souls. Tyran could not help wondering what had happened to remove so many souls without any trace of damage to the planets infrastructure. Any landing parties would have to be well equipped to deal with a myriad of possibilities. It occurred to Tyran that the foreseeable future for him and the crew was scanning and collating data. He made a note on his data slate and looked back to the map. Pedron Prime had a small moon orbiting it named Oxack that was designated as a docking and orbital defence station. The fourth planet was Pedron III, a mining world rich in adamantium and also completely abandoned. Between Pedron III and Pedron IV was an asteroid belt providing more mining opportunities. Pedron IV itself was an abandoned industrial world. It was a frozen wasteland used as a base for mining ships taking minerals from the asteroid belt. Tyran noted the many manufactoriums and hives where looters, pirates and cultist cells could hide away. The sixth planet in the system was a gas giant with two moons. The giant itself was of little value but its moons interested the old inquisitor greatly. The first was Otherest, a naval way station and astronomican relay, that would prove very useful in establishing contact with the rest of the imperium and organising the re-instatement of the system. The second moon was Othereast, declared classified on the map but fully accessible on Tyrans Data slate. The moon was an Inquisitorial conclave fortress and would prove incredibly useful to establish the system and an Amalathian presence to smooth the process. The seventh planet was Voth and had been declared Xeno and classified. Initial scans had shown it to have no life but Tyran knew Xenos well and knew there were a great many that could easily hide from scanner detection. The final planet was designated Reff and was no more than a rock at the edge of the system.

Tyran had made his decision as he had been taking the information on board. He would focus his efforts on getting the astronomican relay functioning and then get messages through to his brother Inquistors to assemble a force large enough to re-take the system for the Emperor.

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