Space Marine
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Author: BrizzleRob [ 19 Aug 2011 09:15 am ]
Post subject: Space Marine

Something I stumbled along a little while back was a third-person shooter called Space Marine. The couple of previews I’ve read (Eurogamer and CVG) give a very favourable impression, but having looked at the pre-order price there is no way I’ll be buying it immediately. Instead I have it reserved on LoveFilm along with the new Deus Ex, and possibly Battlefield 3.

In general Space Marine looks nicely polished, with gameplay reportedly similar to Gears of War. In multiplayer it’ll have 8 vs 8 with a few game modes similar to the Battlefield series. It will also have a co-op mode, but seemingly this won’t be released until 30 days following the launch.

Anyone else interested in this?

Author: DOOM [ 19 Aug 2011 06:33 pm ]
Post subject: Re: Space Marine

I am interested but expecting to be disappointed. I’ve looked at reviews too and they are generally very positive and exciting – but you must remember they’re written by people who don’t know the universe, or who are writing to the average Jo, who doesn’t know about it.

I’m not saying I want it or that it should be ultra realistic, but I’m always so sceptical about any GW games. They always lack something that would have made them worthwhile. So I’ll wait and see.

Author: DOOM [ 16 Sep 2011 07:18 am ]
Post subject: Re: Space Marine

Yesterday I downloaded the demo of this and was quite pleasantly surprised. Then, later when we were playing BF with Julian Whale, I noticed he had the game and he said he was disappointed with the demo but the game was better!

Potentially this is another game to keep an eye on and wait to drop in price.

Julian said the only reason he bought it was because his local Game store offered it to him with an attractive discount?!

Maybe it’ll hit the bargain bins quickly and we can pick it up and enjoy some coop… And we reckoned a Guard expansion is probably just around the corner. But maybe that’s wishful thinking?

Author: DOOM [ 01 Nov 2011 08:45 pm ]
Post subject: Re: Space Marine

Like with Dead Island, I saw that this game is dropping in price quite quickly.

A mate of mine who used to work with me in Cardiff owns this and says the campaign is ok and can be played coop.

I’m not so fussed about this game though, we’ll see in a few months..

Author: BrizzleRob [ 02 Nov 2011 06:41 am ]
Post subject: Re: Space Marine

My thought is that these titles (inc. Dead Island) may be worth considering in the New Year sales. Try on LoveFilm first!

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