Small Fantasy/40k RPG
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Author: DB21 [ 07 Feb 2012 07:42 pm ]
Post subject: Small Fantasy/40k RPG

Hi guys, just wanted to mention that me and a mate of mine came up with a small game involving Warhammer type rules (and any models) that can be played over a long period of time in small segments. We like to think of it as a cross between Warhammer meets D&D with a hint of Inquisitor.
Now I’m going to be really honest, I’ve never played D&D (unless the beyond God-like epic leagcyness that is Baldur’s Gate counts) or Inquisitor, so I’m not familiar with the exact rules.
I will, as best as I possibly can, give the basic layout for those intrested.
The game can involve as many people as you like, but it’s best to have the same people for continuation purposes, and only requires one model each of your choice. One person is designated DM – (Dungeon Master for those not as nerdy as I) and everyone else has their own favourite model/character only, or at least to begin with.
Everyone creates their own back story, who they are, their quest etc, and what they hope to achieve by the end. It is then the DM’s duty to plan a story for the party as they travel from quest to quest. The idea behind the game is to see who manages to accomplish their intended goal first.
The game takes place in two different styles, in and out of battle. When in battle, the game functions like you were playing Warhammer, with very few rule changes. Whilst out of battle, the DM sets the story with where the characters are in the world, who they can talk to, where they can go and what quests are available to them, much like D&D. It is also here the party is able to hire mercernaries to join them, levy peasants or buy new equipment with their accumulated wealth.
After each quest/battle, each character or unit gains experience based on kills, types of enemies, quests achieved etc. These are used to level up specific stats, gain inventory space or gain a new ability/spell, determined by a dice roll. However, similarly if a unit or character is to fall in battle, their fate is also decided on the roll of a die. From out for a game, to niggling injury, stronger than before or outright death, thus ending their quest. At this point the dead player joins the DM helping him coordinate battles and crafting story.
The beauty of the game is choice. Not just in but outside of the game. Not only do you have choices to make in game, (not just in battle), such as what unique item to take, what quests to acccept, which path to take and which decision is best. But also outside, will you all work towards a specific goal? Will you all be the same race or different ones? Will two of you plot to kill the others behind their back? Will they then take revenge on you as DM’s? The DM also has, I think personally, deciding what can or cant be done, will your DM be merciful and allow you to re-roll that ‘Instant Death Trap’ avoidance roll? Or will he be merciless and drop a dragon down on your party?
Anything is possible in this game, turning your character from a small humble warrior, to a god-like champion with an entire army behind them.
Julian has a draft of the rules and I can also send them to anyone who fancies a read. I’d be intrested to see what people’s experiences are like. I can build upon the rules anytime so if you guys wanna check it out let me know!

P.S. Sorry for the essay and the blatant self reward post ;)

Author: DOOM [ 09 Feb 2012 02:41 pm ]
Post subject: Re: Small Fantasy/40k RPG

It’s a nice little ruleset, would love to play some if I had the chance.

Not sure if it would really work for 40k, did you ever try it in that setting?

Author: DB21 [ 09 Feb 2012 09:18 pm ]
Post subject: Re: Small Fantasy/40k RPG

If I’m honest mate I cant say I have. That said I think personally yes it would work. Obviously it would have to be slightly tuned for what sort of character you are determined to play. As expected there are a lot of shooty things that can kill you. But, aside from the rule changes, most things could remain the same. A little fiddle with weapon upgrades and items etc. (e.g. heavy bolter upgrade as opposed to a great sword) and I think it would work fine.
As I said, the joy of it is choice, the rules can be manipulated for in-house gaming in certain areas. :)

Author: BrizzleRob [ 15 Feb 2012 04:45 pm ]
Post subject: Re: Small Fantasy/40k RPG

Interesting. I wonder if there is scope for Inquisitor characters to participate in certain 40k scenarios? It would have to be carefully done, knowing how bloody/attritional such games can be.

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