Scenario: Beach head
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Author: DOOM [ 05 Aug 2008 08:00 am ]
Post subject: Scenario: Beach head

I can’t stop thinking about 40k! When are we going to play again? Anyone free in September?

If we do it in September then we have plenty of time to sort backgrounds and maybe get this storyline rolling. Now we have the star map (thank Matt!) I/we can abitrarily choose a home planet for our guard forces, which they’ll inevitably never see again.

But I’m dying to play again and really looking forward to seeing how the tyranids turn out too.

Maybe, if 4 or 5 of us can make it, then we can do a big guard vs orc encounter with a random tyranid appearance to spice things up.


Imperial Guard and Greenskin forces converge on an unknown beacon, on an unknown, apparantly uninhabited world…

Deployment: A small orc detachment is deployed around a strange beacon (imperial signal thingy) in the centre of the map. All other forces are off the board.

Four “bug” holes are deployed around the border, one in each quarter.

Turn sequence: Imperial guard have the first turn, which involves a small orbital barrage against the orc forces in the region. Initial Guard vanguard drop-pods in on the second turn. From third turn onwards orc forces roll for random reinforcements. From fourth turn Guard can roll for further Guard reinforcements.

Any movement, from either side, within 18″ of a bug hole may cause small tyranids to pop-out; roll a dice, on a 4+ something emerges. Roll another dice to see what it is: 1-3 gaunts, 4-5 hormogaunts, 6 roll again: 1-4 3 tyranid warriors, 5-6 Carnifex.

Objectives: Guard must clear a region of 24″ around the beacon to win. Orcs must have as many troops within 24″ of the beacon. Tyranids… Well they just kind of kill stuff and are there for interest.


Author: snailracer [ 05 Aug 2008 08:23 am ]
Post subject:

Well Chris’s stag do is now the 20/21st so that weekend is out. I also have my girlfriends, dads, and two brothers birthdays and the girlfriend is back off to cardiff for uni! Probably means I cant do anything til late september (27/28th).

I quite like the above scenario. It strikes me more that both the ork and guard have dropped in on the mysterious signal only to find its a bit of a trap…

Author: DOOM [ 06 Aug 2008 07:18 am ]
Post subject:

Well the beacon is there for the guard, probably placed by infiltrators to mark a suitable spot. As the world is ruled by the orcs I think we can assume they know about the tyranid infestation! The only reason they might potentially be coming out in greater numbers this time is because of the sheer number of troops being deployed.

My thoughts are that the overall size of the guard coming down should be quite big, a couple of platoons, a couple of tanks, heavy weapon platoon or 2 also, but the whole lot should be split into 4 groups:

– Initial force made up of command and 1st Platoon
– Reinforcement platoon
– Reinforcement 2 heavy weapon platoons
– Reinforcement tank formation (2 lemon russes)

I’d also say, to stop them potentially all coming at once, when the guard player successfully rolls for one of the reinforcements they can’t roll for anymore that turn. This way only 1 group comes down at a time and the guard player has to use a bit of thought to decide which order to roll for them.

Same would go for orc reinforcements, the orc force would start with only a couple of mobs and a nob and then have 3 further reinforcement hordes which will “trickle” on as word gets through to them of the Guard presence.

Author: BrizzleRob [ 06 Aug 2008 07:38 pm ]
Post subject:

I actually quite like the idea of both the Orks and Guard being lured to the planet by a strange beacon. Perhaps some long lost Imperial planet which has been overwhelmed by a Tyranid horde. Most of the horde has moved on but trace elements remain behind, hiding.

Author: DOOM [ 07 Aug 2008 06:28 am ]
Post subject:

Not a bad idea Rob. Wouldn’t need to change the scenario though, just a slight alteration of the story :)

Would be good, maybe, to have a gothic game before to decide planet fall positions! Maybe a little ambitious though? and I don’t think pete’s in possession of an orc fleet.

Author: snailracer [ 07 Aug 2008 04:43 pm ]
Post subject:

It fits the fluff quite nicely: Genestealer cults start emitting a signal when they get to a certain size to attract a hive fleet to assimilate them. We just expand this to any isolated brood/colony starts emitting the same signal when it hits a certain size.

Unfortunately for the Orks and Imperial Guard they decided to check it out….

Maybe this can be the start of our major campaign instead, with all sorts of possibilities of what is emitting the signal :)

Author: BrizzleRob [ 07 Aug 2008 08:51 pm ]
Post subject:

snailracer wrote:
Maybe this can be the start of our major campaign instead, with all sorts of possibilities of what is emitting the signal :)

Ultimately involving the Inquisition much later as the source of the signal is located?!

The setting also maintains a balance between the two main forces; Imperium and Orks. Neither have an existing firm footing (base) on the planet.

Author: Tubes [ 08 Aug 2008 11:39 am ]
Post subject:

Sounds great now, can’t wait!

I may have a look at a map of a world this weekend (like Risk)

Author: snailracer [ 11 Aug 2008 07:07 pm ]
Post subject:

If you do mate remember that polar regions and tropics depend on the angle the vertical axis of the planet is at! Just incase we want rainforests, deserts and polar regions.

Was thinking about the star system I came up with. Could still use it for this campaign. The planet has been stripped of all useful resources and left with only an Astronomicum outpost on the furthest out planet.

The main planet is currently being reclaimed by nature and left alone by the imperium, so lots of ruined cities (and all the other classic pieces of 40k terrain :) ). The Nids arrive by meteor borne spores(?) and are part of the returning ecosystem (so probably close combat orientated with very few ranged weapons and limited big monsters until they assimilate Ork and Imperial technology, or a hive fleet pick up the signal…).

Then we have our investigating forces…. The 12,000th Imperial Alien Fodder and The Glorious Gorbag Waaagh

Just had a thought, we could have some brilliant underground/old mine workings type scenarios :)

Author: snailracer [ 25 Aug 2008 06:16 pm ]
Post subject:

This looks like a very cool tool for campaign map creation:


Shame its not free

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