Salvation Slags
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Author: Tubes [ 08 Mar 2012 09:49 pm ]
Post subject: Salvation Slags

System: Pedron
Planet: Pedron Prime
Hive: Epsilon IX
Underhive Region: Salvation Slags

Salvation Slags is one of the most unwelcoming parts of Eplison IX’s underhive. As its name suggests it is an area dominated by the slag heaps created from the chemical and mineral discharges draining from the sprawling spire above. The region was originally settled by those faithful few escaping the anarchy in the world above. They named it Salvation in the hope of the Emperor’s light to return to their forgotten system.

Since the system was rediscovered, by Inquisitor Lord Herminio Tyran, the Pedron System has become more accessible to the Emperor’s enforcers and agents, and the other influences from the Imperium. Amongst them have been the off-shoots of the Houses of Necromunda and the zealots of the Redemption.

Throughout the times of strive and galactic isolation the Traders, also known as the Merchant Guild or Guilders, on Predron Prime have been a continual influence. They aim through the generations to make as comfortable a life for themselves at the expense of others. The Head Guilder for Salvation Slags is a ruthless individual by the name of Barlac Uespith. His family have held sway over the region’s Guild for generations by the usual means: bribery, ‘persuasion’, double-crossing and assassination.

Amongst the wastes, slag heaps, radzones and sludge seas of Salvation Slags are a few gems of relative civilization. The primary settlement is Terra’s Hope where Barlac Uespith runs the region. It is also home to many of the key functions required in the depths of the Badlands: drinking holes, brothels, trading posts, gambling dens, and supposed armourers and doctors.

To protect, and suppress, the region’s populace are the Imperium’s Enforcers. Precinct XIII at Terra’s Hope is the patrol house for a detachment of Enforcers. Their impartiality is indisputable, as long as you are Guilder, with their primary role to protect the trading posts and caravans.

In addition to the ruling influence of the Merchant Guild and the Enforcers there are gangs vying for control of territories. These gangs and outlaw bands are a diverse mix: Cawdor, Escher, Delaque, Goliaths, Orlocks, Van Saar and Redemption Crusades. Hidden from the general populace are also the Mutants and Ratskins for whom life is even more of a struggle to survive.

Notable locations:
Terra’s Hope – ‘capital’ of the territory
Precinct XIII – Enforcer patrol house at Terra’s Hope
Soiled Sam’s Saloon – notorious drinking hole
The Rouge Rodeo – popular ‘massage’ parlour
Klint’s Karver Shop – Doc Klint’s back alley surgery
tRusty Joe’s Mech Shop – a bargain workshop for all your techno needs
The Wyatt Wildsnake Bowl – a pit fighting stadium sponsored by the popular Underhive beverage ‘Wyatt Wildsnake’
Zero Kilo Corral – a minor settlement on the trading route
Dusty Falls – a trading post in a radzone on the extremities of the region
Hanging Homestead – an infamous homestead in the lowlands
The Chapel of Defiance – a now ruined chapel built by the founding settlers
The Pits of Purification – an area used by religious fanatics to cleanse the impure
Blarlac’s Burrows – the Guilder’s primary source of income with the Rubidium mines
Spyrers Summit – vents to the Spire supposedly used by the dreaded Spyrers
The Strontium Sea – the largest sludge sea in the region
Hopeless Heights – a ruined settlement
Larvaworm Lowlands – ash wastes
Stubber Swamp – an even more inhospitable area (you’ll need your stubber to protect you)
Desolation Dyke – an effort to drain the Stinger Swamp
Deadlands – an area supposedly infested with zombies!?

Author: Tubes [ 08 Mar 2012 09:56 pm ]
Post subject: Re: Salvation Slags

I hope what I’ve knocked up is suits the vision for the Pedron system, and possibly an Inquisitor campaign in addition to a Necromunda campaign.

Any suggestions for names, individuals, locations, scenarios then just shout. I’ve downloaded all the old rules, articles and scenarios.

I have also created an AWEsome Redemption Crusade. BUURRRNNNNN

Author: snailracer [ 09 Mar 2012 07:30 am ]
Post subject: Re: Salvation Slags

Looks good mate. In my head the system is large enough and has a long enough history from re-discovery to massive alien invasion for us to be able to play lifetimes of characters in various different game systems (although I like the idea of Tyran being there from the beginning to the beginning of the end. Inquisition long life and all that. But how did he get it….)

Author: Tubes [ 09 Mar 2012 11:07 pm ]
Post subject: Re: Salvation Slags

Just added a few more locations.

Does Luke have Redemptionists also…?

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