Rabalias Solomon
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Author: BrizzleRob [ 28 Jan 2012 10:04 am ]
Post subject: Rabalias Solomon

Name: Rabalias Solomon
Age: 42 Solar Years
Profession: Preacher


Born the son of a fabricator, on the agri world of Siculi in the Calixis sector. Rabalias developed a particularly strong faith in the Emperor early in his childhood when an unknown force raided the commufarm destroying buildings, taking livestock, crops and women. During the assault Rabalias’ father was shot by an autogun as he tried to prevent raiders from carrying off Rabalias’ mother. The shoulder wound should have been mortal, but the seven solar year Rabalias tended as best able to his father, offered incessant streams of heartfelt prayers to the Emperor. With the help of the Emperor, and Rabalias’ diligence, he nursed his father back to health although he never regained the full use of his right arm necessary for his trade. The roles within the reduced family unit changed with Rabalias taking on the mantle of becoming the family provider, developing a maturity and wisdom beyond his years, whilst his father helped tutor in the evenings after labouring. Whilst times were difficult Rabalias assured his father that one day he would find his mother and reunite the family on Siculi.

Rabalias never forgot the strength the Emperor provided him in his time of need, and over years he became known across Siculi for his impassioned oratory skills he used to proclaim the Emperor’s great benevolence. Such attention was not always in admiration. A handful of jealous, and possibly corrupt, local imperial administrators and members of the Ecclesiarchy developed a dislike of Rabalias’ evangelical sermons, as they felt his was undermining their local authority.

Twenty three solar years after the raid, Rabalias’ father passed on following a wave of Mortressan flu. With no ties to Siculi, and growing animosity from certain local authorities, Rabalias left home to spread the Emperor’s message and find his mother. In the years since Rabalias has travelled far beyond the borders of the Calixis sector. His journey has taken him to bustling hive worlds and remote frontier worlds, and on occasion face to face with the Emperor’s enemies. Throughout this his faith has never failed him. He remains resolute in his mission to teach all of mankind of the Emperor’s love, to be a tool of the Emperor’s might in the presence of his enemies… and to find his mother.

Suggested Characteristics:
WS 30-50
BS 25-35
S 35-45
T 40-50
I 40-60
Wp 50-70
Sg 45-55
Nv 20-40
Ld 40-60

Suggested Talents:

Other Notes:
Left handed

I found the WH40K Lexicanum useful in drawing source material for his blurb

Author: snailracer [ 28 Jan 2012 01:21 pm ]
Post subject: Re: Inquisitor

I hadn’t worked out where I wanted to base the campaign but was thinking of it being a far more hospitable, friendly, and stable part of the imperium than cadia (as far as the imperium is hospitable, friendly, and stable).
I was thinking more along the lines of starting very small with more intrigue than open conflict. This still fits with both backgrounds as both characters can end up in the same place on a mission…..

Rob, this link is pretty helpful http://www.the-conclave.co.uk/forum/index.php?topic=162.0

I’d say stats something like this:

Suggested Characteristics:
WS 50
BS 35
S 50
T 45
I 55
Wp 55
Sg 55
Nv 50
Ld 70

Suggested Talents:

Other Notes:
Left handed

Still fairly low but makes him a bit more of a fighter and inspirational leader as I would expect from a guy spreading the word and occasionally getting in peoples faces and having to avoid a punch.

Chris, your guy would probably have roughly the same stats but with higher sg to represent his education and different ws/bs depending on whether he’s a gunfighter or a swordsman.

Skills are for distinguishing character so best to work out his style before allocating those.

All looking pretty good and will fit in with the ideas I’ve had

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