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Author: DOOM [ 10 Oct 2011 11:22 am ]
Post subject: R.U.S.E.

This is a slow style real time strategy designed for the console.

Pete brought this up a few months back and I’m still keen on getting it. It’s a budget title now and you can pick it up for £10 or less online.

But, as always, I’ll only get it if other people are interested too, but I’m only really interested in killing you all online with my massive Panzer divisions!

And on that note, we should do some Endwar MP when 4 of us are on at the same time. That’s a great MP game!

Author: Tubes [ 10 Oct 2011 05:39 pm ]
Post subject: Re: R.U.S.E.

It does look good, but need I to finish End War first… Though I like the deception elements

Author: BrizzleRob [ 10 Oct 2011 09:33 pm ]
Post subject: Re: R.U.S.E.

Like Chris I’d like to finish what I have. That said, any links to good reviews? The price seems right!!!

Author: DOOM [ 11 Oct 2011 08:35 am ]
Post subject: Re: R.U.S.E.

Search “Endwar gameplay” on youtube and there’s a bunch of clips, which look quite attractive.

Author: BrizzleRob [ 11 Oct 2011 06:11 pm ]
Post subject: Re: R.U.S.E.

DOOM wrote:
Search “Endwar gameplay”…

RUSE gameplay?

Author: DOOM [ 12 Oct 2011 08:30 am ]
Post subject: Re: R.U.S.E.

Or that. Either way you’ll see some great clips of gameplay :)

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