Point Insertion
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Author: Tubes [ 28 Mar 2013 09:42 am ]
Post subject: Point Insertion

Someone has come up with a Mantic Warpath style rule set with a Necromunda feel called Point Insertion… Maybe this is what we were aiming for with simplified dice rolls.

Having written all of the above I have not read the rules as I need to finish my Masters submission… eekkk. But possibly try it out this Sat afternoon?

Author: Tubes [ 28 Mar 2013 04:56 pm ]
Post subject: Re: Point Insertion

Ahh it appears to have been written by a Mantic fan/hobbist who did not realise that the forthcoming Dreadzone Kickstarter is a Mantic Warpath (sci-fi) skirmish game… :D

…not long to wait for the Plague…! :?

Author: DOOM [ 28 Mar 2013 10:14 pm ]
Post subject: Re: Point Insertion

It doesn’t look great to me. Part of the appeal of Necromunda is the individualism and complexity that goes with it.

If we want to speed games up then I think we should try playing a scaled down version of Necromunda, with gangs of only 4-5 guys… Maybe with less territories too.

I’ll be interested to hear how it goes, if you get a chance to try it.

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