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Author: BrizzleRob [ 14 Feb 2008 08:08 pm ]
Post subject: Pirate Fleet

Just had an initial stab at putting together what I envision a Pirate fleet might look like. It is based on core ships from the Bretonnian and Imperial fleets. I wanted to maintain flexibility to allow admirals to tailor their fleet to a style of their choosing (e.g. a fleet with mainly sleek Bretonnian ships) and ensure that the focus was on the basic ship combat. For the latter I decided to remove all flyers and wizards, in my mind they aren’t in the pirate style, but I did add an extra free Man O’War card to imply that their capital ships would be more customised/tooled up. I’m still in two minds about the inclusion of sea monsters. Currently they are still available but I’ve increased their cost by ~50% to dissuade their inclusion. Perhaps the pirates would have been able to pay for the services, by some means or another, of a sea monster, but they would have had to pay through the nose.

Any thoughts and suggestions?

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Author: BrizzleRob [ 15 Feb 2008 09:51 pm ]
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I noticed a few minor errors which I’ve corrected in the latest version I’ve uploaded.

Author: snailracer [ 18 Feb 2008 04:14 pm ]
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I agree with all your reasoning. Think it will be very interesting to play, especially without the wizard. The combination of brettonian and imperial might make it a bit uber but i think it needs testing before I pass judgement :)

Author: BrizzleRob [ 18 Feb 2008 04:39 pm ]
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snailracer wrote:
The combination of brettonian and imperial might make it a bit uber but i think it needs testing before I pass judgement :)

Testing is obviously required but I hope the absence of magic, Buccaneers (aka. very cheap cannon fodder), flyers and special Imperial ships (Hellhammers and Ironfists) are sufficiently negative. The aspiration is that pirate fleets are completely focused on conventional ship vs ship actions.

Author: DOOM [ 19 Feb 2008 07:26 am ]
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The only problem I see is that, from what I know, pirates didn’t exactly have the pick of the ships and were usually going round in sloops and single gun deck “frigate” type ships. Only very prosperous pirates would have the money/power to be able to get another bigger.

The only “pirates” that would have been going round in galleons and bigger ships would most likely be privateers, who would actually be in the service of a nation, but under the jolly roger. And even they usually went around in frigates, due to their speed.

So, I would have thought a pirate fleet would be made up of lots of small, fast ships: corsairs, buccaneers, galleys, with maybe only 1 man’o’war.

I think buccaneers would be a good ship for pirates as they would be cheap, very maneourable and are excellent for crippling enemy ships by ripping their masts and sails down with their catapults.

Author: BrizzleRob [ 19 Feb 2008 06:22 pm ]
Post subject:

I understand what you’re saying but wouldn’t it be highly unlikely that there would be a large pirate fleet? For this reason I don’t think it is unreasonable to venture further into the realm of the unlikely and allow multiple Men of War. I suppose I rather view MoW pirates as a ‘nation’, similar to the alliance of pirates there was in Pirates of the Caribbean.

I’ve already cut out the magic, flyers and ‘novel’ ship types. Buccaneers are, in my mind, somewhat novel too and very un-piratical.

The way the fleet is setup you can tailor it to your desires. If you want all Bretonnian ships you can do. Similarly if you only want a single Galleon you can do.

Author: snailracer [ 19 Feb 2008 06:43 pm ]
Post subject:

As this is Man o War based could you take it further and allow different races to team up as pirates?

I guess it depends on your definition of pirate but I’m sure other races than humans have pirates (who are in it for themselves not nation privateers). So maybe the list could consist of any races ships up to a certain size but no man o war’s? Some sort of alliance list might be needed as its hard to see elves working with some of the others, but otherwise its possible, especially if you consider it to be in the blood bowl type warhammer world rather than the Warhammer battles world.

also didn’t the original game come with cards for pirates that were just Wargalleys?

I like the idea of this in terms of the game ju suggested, starting out with one ship and chance encounters add an elf and an orc who fight with you and share the spoils but wont help each other out (animosity type rule).

Author: BrizzleRob [ 19 Feb 2008 06:57 pm ]
Post subject:

I suppose other races have pirates but would you see a mix of Dark Elf and Orcs ships in such a fleet? Would the casual observer be able to tell the difference between an ordinary Skaven fleet and a pirate Skaven fleet?

My pirate fleet brings together closely related humanoid ships, which are typically associate as ‘good’ nations.

I wouldn’t expect to see High Elf or Dwarf pirates. The former are too discipled and ordered, the latter (whilst greedy) are generally land-based and have a strong sense of family loyalty. Dwarf families are essentially nations.

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