Pedron system campaign
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Author: DOOM [ 09 Jan 2011 05:13 pm ]
Post subject: Pedron system campaign

This thread will be dedicated to fluff and general information surrounding the various forces present in the Pedron system.

I’m writing all this up on my iPod touch so it’s a bit fiddly and if there are any errors please feel free to correct them.

Please also feel free to edit or add to any of the replies to help expand on the campaign story.

Author: DOOM [ 09 Jan 2011 05:14 pm ]
Post subject: Re: Pedron system campaign

Imperial Guard infantry
Lt. Colonel Fredrikson

Originally dispatched to the Pedron system with the 947th expeditionary force to eradicate the ork presence. since the arrival of Eldar forces their role has changed to defensive duties, holding what has been taken from the orks to allow Imperial engineers to develop a more permanent outpost for future colonisation.

With only a small capability for offence these roles have been passed over to the Imperial armoured battalions and small Ultramarine strike force.

Any foe looking to attack the Imperial infantry can expect to face heavy artillery protected by disciplined squads of line infantry.

The lack of any great numbers of elite shock troops means that if enemy forces can close quickly enough the guard may struggle in a close quarter battle.

Author: DOOM [ 09 Jan 2011 05:14 pm ]
Post subject: Re: Pedron system campaign

Imperial Guard armour
Colonel Ulrich Brandt

Having been fundamental in pushing ork forces back in the initial assault on Pedron IV, the main planet in the system, the armoured battalions have now changed roles.

With the emergence of the Eldar threat they have been working with Ultramarine forces to retaliate against any attacks against Imperial developments in the Pedron system.

Equipped with large numbers of Leman Russia battle tank variants, the Imperial armour have proven to be fundamental in imposing Imperial superiority throughout the system.

Author: DOOM [ 09 Jan 2011 05:15 pm ]
Post subject: Re: Pedron system campaign

Ultramarine strike force

The small strike force of Ultramarines has only been in the Pedron system a short while after it was established the Eldar threat was too much for the Imperial forces already in the system.

Working closely with the armoured battalions, they are a powerful force capable of striking at almost part of the system with great success.

Author: DOOM [ 09 Jan 2011 05:17 pm ]
Post subject: Re: Pedron system campaign

Imperial Inquisition
Inquisitor Romulus Horatio Sparticus

When the 947th expedition was dispatched to the Pedron system it was considered an abandoned system free of any human presence. There were signs of an old Imperial colony once being in the system, but its disappearance was attributed to the ork invasion some decades earlier.

Since the arrival of the expeditionary force it has since been found that there are dark corners in the system where unexplained circumstances have occurred. It has been deemed of such importance, since emphasised by the large Eldar arrival, that an Inquisitor has been dispatched to the system to root out and destroy any heresy.

The Inquisitor’s presence is currently unknown to all but the High Lord Solus in command of the Imperial Expeditionary Force. However, the Inquisition have been cleared to use any forces they require for their mission.

Author: DOOM [ 09 Jan 2011 05:17 pm ]
Post subject: Re: Pedron system campaign

Eldar strike force
Farseer / Autarch

Eldar forces From the Ulthwe craftworld are a long from home in the Pedron system. It is suspected that the Farseer council on the distant craftworld has determined some great importance for the region for it to have committed what appears to be a sizeable force.

It has been observed first hand by Imperial forces that the Eldar force contains a diverse array of wargear capable of tackling any opposing force in the system.

It has become an Imperial imperative to draw the Eldar into a pitched battle where Imperial forces can inflict great enough damage to the Eldar that they may leave the region. Doing this is proving difficult due to the ease the Eldar have in moving around the system but Imperial operatives, including the presence of an Imperial inquisitor, are working hard to pin them down.

Author: snailracer [ 09 Jan 2011 05:41 pm ]
Post subject: Re: Pedron system campaign

Indigenous Ork forces
Local Warboss

The ork population initially on Pedron IV put up a fight but were pushed back and are now fighting a guerilla campaign. They are an ork population cut off from the warp and have grown with relatively few technological advances, prefering the close up use of a blade than a ranged weapon.

With the arrival of the imperial forces the orks have suffered but are quick to learn. Ranged weapons are starting to appear in their ranks, and any imperial vehicle that is captured is soon being used against its former owners. The fighting has increased the spore rate of the orks and an increase in population has been noticed. The fighting has also had an affect on the physiology of the orks; many are growing larger and an increasing phsychic presence is being felt.

Author: snailracer [ 09 Jan 2011 05:48 pm ]
Post subject: Re: Pedron system campaign

Waaaagh Gorfang
Warp borne Warboss and his WAAAAGH

The Telepaths of the imperial navy have noticed an increase in psychic activity around Pedron IV and have detected the first signs of a fleet disturbing the warp. Unconfirmed reports are that Waaaagh Gorfang has latched onto the orks psychic signal and is heading to join the fighting.

Gorfang has been leading his Waaaagh for years across many systems in a perpetual search for a good fight. So far he has been beaten away from causing too much damage to imperial systems, but his reputaion is growing along with his followers and it wont be long until he manages a sustained campaign and inflicts large casualtied on whatever foe stands in his way.

Author: snailracer [ 09 Jan 2011 06:12 pm ]
Post subject: Re: Pedron system campaign

Imperial cult detachment
Missionary Jakub

The 947th expeditionary force is no different to any other and has a branch of the imperial cult to spread the Emperors light and keep the soldiers on the true path. The cult is led by Missionary Jakub, an uncompromising believer who is not afraid to deal out the Emperors will to non believers.

The cult help to run the day to day business of the expeditionary force along with the army of book keepers, telepaths, armourers etc. The cult are different to the rest of the support force in that they are autonomous and can choose to ignore the orders of High Lord Solus, claiming a higher authority. This would be a rare occurence indeed as Jakub acts as Solus’ personal confessor and follows his ideals for the expeditionary force.

Reports have reached the Cult from the ordinary soldiers that there are ancient shrines to terra on Pedron IV, which are of great interest to Missionary Jakub and the Ecclesiarchy in general.

Author: snailracer [ 09 Jan 2011 06:15 pm ]
Post subject: Re: Pedron system campaign

Order of the Great Devourer
Ruined shrines of Pedron IV

A lost division of the imperial cult. Evidence points to a system wide event that wiped out all biological life.

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