Nov Skirmish
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Author: Tubes [ 30 Oct 2010 07:36 am ]
Post subject: Nov Skirmish

Now finally back I am looking to get back home mid Nov. I will be back late morning of the Sat 13th and hopefully be down until evening of Thu 18th.

I was hoping to do some small skirmishes and then a larger game. However, Matt has reminded me that it is an Autumn International weekend so he’ll probably be in the pub. Therefore shall we crack on with some small skirmishes that weekend with us + Pete & Luke?

Ju thought that we should continue with the overall ‘plot’ for a campaign but I reckon bring anything. I fancy some Eldar, SMs or even Nids. Just some variety and quick-ish small skirmishes. These other forces can then be brought into the system wide campaign/’plot’. I don’t really want to think of specific scenarios etc and just play as per the book. What do you think?

The remainder of the week will be trying to finish outstanding jobs, but I am definately interested in a fun BB game or two.

Author: BrizzleRob [ 31 Oct 2010 06:38 pm ]
Post subject: Re: Nov Skirmish

Yep definitely interested. I quite fancy a ‘free-form’ day where no-one particularly owns any one force. We just loosely play games around the campaign setting with whatever armies we think would be suitable. It is unlikely I’ll have the time but I may attempt to create our long promised standard units list, which we can then write down on those cards. Standard units should allow us to put together forces pretty quickly.

Author: DOOM [ 01 Nov 2010 04:58 pm ]
Post subject: Re: Nov Skirmish

Standard unit cards will be very useful. We effectively keep our units pretty much “as is” anyway, but it will speed up army construction.

If you guys fancy just doing random scenarios over the weekend that sounds fine. If possible I may take the opportunity to play as orks, if we can sort our small force out and if pete is able to come.

Btw, pete’s on leave for the rest of this week so he may not get access to the forums in that time, I’ll try and talk to him one evening to discuss possibilities.

Would love to do some classic ork vs guard!

If Luke is free maybe we could convince him to bring down his Iron Warriors army. It’s built for tournies but is very cool! I’m sure he can divide it into a smaller force.

Author: Tubes [ 04 Nov 2010 05:43 pm ]
Post subject: Re: Nov Skirmish

As I said before I am really looking forward to play as Eldar and if possible SMs + Nids (obviously not together!), or play against those forces.

I reckon about 600-750pts per game and just go as per the book i.e. roll to see on the setup and objectives. I want some nice, small, fairly quick, and most importantly fun and interesting games.

Hopefully start about 1300 next Sat afternoon (13th Nov I think). Other than the 3 of us is anyone else interested (international rugby on in background)?

Author: Luke [ 09 Nov 2010 10:53 pm ]
Post subject: Re: Nov Skirmish

I’m up for some casual 40k. And i can obviously give Pete a lift if he’s available. Depending on what you want to do, i have a couple thousand points of chaos marines (Slaanesh) i can make smaller forces from, also have a linebreaker squadron within that (3 vindicators) which could be used as normal SM if you wanted. Also, if you really want to mix it up i have my 2000 point Tau Battlesuite army with me. It is however really gay so either play it with a horde of Guard (which could stand a good chance of beating it) or design something to cope with it. I’de love to take it up against Nids though! My mobile is 07970154747 for anyone who wants to txt me any details but i will check this thread again before the weeks out.
Cheers for the invite, hope to see you Sat.

Author: Tubes [ 10 Nov 2010 06:43 am ]
Post subject: Re: Nov Skirmish

I was slightly scared when you mentioned 1000s of point armies… aarrgghhhh

Bring whatever you fancy but we are looking at several small skirmishes. 2 Games at a time with opponents rotating through. Basically to play numerous small, fun games and get a feel for each/most forces.

We’ll soirt out timings in a day or so

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