New 40k Rulebook!
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Author: DOOM [ 15 Jul 2008 04:10 pm ]
Post subject: New 40k Rulebook!

I got the new 40k rulebook today.

I’ve only had a quick look over it but I’m really impressed! It’s essentially the same, but they’ve cleared up a lot of stuff like shooting at units half in cover. There’s no more partial hits on blast weapons, if you touch the template, you’re hit! I’m yet to look at vehicles properly but i believe that’s all different now, well, a bit anyway. I’ll try and swat up for saturday, I don’t reckon it’ll be too complicated tbh. By the sounds of it people can’t remember the last set of rules too good, so we might as well go with the new ones if we have the rulebook handy and I learn them.

Has anyone else got them yet? If so, what do you think?

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