Jericus Galletrium
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Author: Tubes [ 27 Jan 2012 07:56 pm ]
Post subject: Jericus Galletrium

During the week I knocked up some rough ideas of a potential Rogue Trader character. I assumed we could base it around the Cadian subsystem as it has plenty to interest the Inquisition (and ties most of our forces together).

Rogue Trader: Jericus Galletrium

Son of a merchantman on the Forge World Agripinaa in the Cadian Sub-System. His fairly privileged upbringing provided him the opportunity to an above average education, whilst sneaking away to the less salubrious areas of Agripinaa. He eventually rebelled against his overbearing parents and ran away onto the system freighter Agamemnon XI.

Jericus quickly learnt his new employment from the freight’s captain Daelen Meitner, and rapidly rose to become his right-hand man. After a trade with a band of Eldar Corsairs went horribly wrong, resulting in Daelen Meitner being on the wrong end of a Pathfinder’s sniper rifle, he assumed command of the Agamemnon XI and her crew. Since then he has been plying his freight, legal and illegal, across the system.

As for his family, Jericus never kept in touch with his family since running away. He then learnt a few years back that they had ‘vanished’ after a chaos cultist uprising on Agripinaa. Jericus portrays himself as an emotionless, hardened veteran of system trading. Driven by money and reputation, he is also a committed and loyal leader of his crew.

Recently he has been seen in the darkest corners of the Cadian system’s bars and alleys with a mysterious, well built man. Rumours say that Jericus has become the pawn of the Imperium, possibly even the Inquisition! Though many doubt that this is out of Jericus’s good nature and own free will…

What has the Imperium got on Jericus Galletrium, why are they using him and what does he have to offer them?

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