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Author: Tubes [ 21 May 2010 03:44 pm ]
Post subject: House Rules

Again, I thought I would try to sort out any issues beforehand rather than leaving it for the w/end.

From playing ait of the newest edition I think we should revert back to the previous edition’s, more sensible, shooting rules:

      Only models within range get hit.
    Ignore the ‘majority of the unit in cover = everyone in cover’; therefore, those out of cover get hit first as they are more likely to be seen/hit.

As mentioned in my other post ref our boards

      Tracks/roads can be used if the model stays on/following the track.
    The track on the terrain piece continues to the piece edge; if the track continues onto the next board it may be used also, if not then the track has finished.


Author: DOOM [ 26 May 2010 03:41 pm ]
Post subject: Re: House Rules

I agree with this and this is how we did it for our “tournament” the other week. Makes much more sense.

Another rule I’d like to bring up is the Primary Weapon rule, which effectively gives the weapon it refers to a 4+ save against being destroyed or shaken. As we are not fighting overly competitively or to piss each other off I’d like to agree that if the Guard don’t target the Stompa’s Primary Weapons, the Primary weapon on the Baneblade is also not targetted. This way both armies can enjoy their monster engines main weapons (or main weapon in the Baneblades case).

Author: snailracer [ 26 May 2010 04:13 pm ]
Post subject: Re: House Rules

Not sure about that Ju. Does that mean that our super heavies will be firing their main weapons all game, or until they are destroyed? Bit worried that not being able to target those weapons makes them far too powerful (especially the stompa if it has more than one).

Author: Tubes [ 26 May 2010 05:37 pm ]
Post subject: Re: House Rules

I do think as a sporting rule of thumb (to enable you to get the most out of your, typically, solo super-heavy vehicle) that the Primary weapons are the last to be hit/damaged. Crews dig out blind to keep it working while they worry less about the other weapons i.e. sponsons.

It enable you to get a much as possible out of your very expensive unit and negates too much super-heavy vs super-heavy = first/one hit and your buggered!

I think it is a sporting house rule which benifits both sides.

Author: DOOM [ 26 May 2010 09:58 pm ]
Post subject: Re: House Rules

I don’t want to make things complicated. Would be nice to have a rough understanding though so we don’t disable our super heavies with the first glancing hit they suffer. Maybe we can just take it as it comes…

Author: snailracer [ 27 May 2010 04:55 pm ]
Post subject: Re: House Rules

If the rules are still the same as the ones I have in imperial armour 1 then there is not a huge chance of hitting the weapons if you penetrate. The rules I have say opponent picks weapon but I think we can use some common sense with regards to where firer is and which weapons they can hit. Blast templates may be more interesting!

I say we just go with the rules as written in Apoc, possibly changing the save to a 2+ or 3+ for the primary weapon.

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