Horus Heresy
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Author: snailracer [ 17 Mar 2008 07:57 pm ]
Post subject: Horus Heresy

Just finished Horus rising. Quite an enjoyable read and good to have some background. Think I’m going to try and find all my old 40k rule books and read the fluff.

I always wanted to paint marines; one for each of the founder legions. This may have provided the impetus :)

Author: DOOM [ 18 Mar 2008 12:55 pm ]
Post subject:

They are great books :) You’ve got a lot to look forward to, as I think the books get better further into the series!

I think giles has a copy of rogue trader, which I think is the 1st edition of 40k. I get the feeling that the fluff has changed a bit over time though, so I wouldn’t expect consistency…

Author: snailracer [ 18 Mar 2008 05:30 pm ]
Post subject:

Sat down last night and went through from rogue trader to 3rd edition and a few 2nd edition codexes. All slightly different.

Rogue trader doesnt have the Heresy or primarchs but the rough outline is there. Think the heresy appears to allow for Chaos space marines. Funniest thing in rogue trader are the slann! :)

Author: DOOM [ 19 Mar 2008 08:57 am ]
Post subject:

wow! I would love to sit down and have a look through all that lot :) I am very jealous!

Reading those books does make me want to play 40k really badly! Next time me and/or my bros are down we should definitly line up some orcs to be gunned down.

I’m thinking we should start building a story round our 40k armies too. Might make games more interesting..

Author: snailracer [ 19 Mar 2008 05:28 pm ]
Post subject:

I think chris and rob have got several 2nd edition codexes and the rules set. I havent got any space marine codexes, which are probly quite interesting. The Eldar one explains how Slaanesh came about and the start of the great crusade. Chaos codex is quite good too.

I quite fancya game of 40k. A mass horde of orks from pete and myself. I choose a really open battle field, with deployment zones 8 inches apart and we go first :)

I always wanted to play a campaign set in a system with results affecting further games etc.

Author: DOOM [ 20 Mar 2008 04:42 pm ]
Post subject:

Yes definitly! We should think of a name for the system and then me and my bros can start thinking of a background to our guard force. Then we can have a planet to fight over and try and figure out where to go from there.

We could even in corporate gothic if pete was up for it?

Not sure how we would make there be consequences on a big scale, but we can certainly run a few small games that link together some how.

It would also be nice to figure out a sort of experience system for our units; a basic system which would allow a basic guard, line squad to become a veteran squad.

As well as a system for reinforcements maybe? So it would be important to look after valuable units.

Author: BrizzleRob [ 20 Mar 2008 05:32 pm ]
Post subject:

I love the idea of games involving small forces with clear objectives on a large battlefield. The outcomes of these small scenarios can feed into the availability of strategic assets in a larger Apocalypse game.

I’m not so keen on the idea of experience for units.

Author: DOOM [ 20 Mar 2008 06:04 pm ]
Post subject:

An experience system would have to be well worked. But I can understand that it would probably just be too complicated and not realistic; although I’d have thought units that remain alive in a single theatre would learn to fight better in their current surroundings/situation.

A good experience system which I saw from some of the early Warhammer territory campaigns involved giving units rerolls. So a 1st level unit would be able to reroll one set of dice once in a game/engagement. Could be too complicated..

Author: snailracer [ 20 Mar 2008 06:46 pm ]
Post subject:

I like both the smaller battles feeding into a larger one and the campaign over a planet versions.

Smaller battles; decide when and how many reinforcements arrive from another table, take out a teleporter blocker to allow drop troops etc.

Planet campaign: depending on who wants to take part determines the armies. First thought is your IG home plantet suffers a WAAAGH. Orks make planetfall and then run campaign from there. Your main IG force has to return home through Ork blockade. Can call in Space marine support, again have to run blockade. Other races can then join in with their own objectives.

Would be a bit like Armageddon campaign. Sure there are campaign rules with experience for units in some White Dwarfs. Also remember there being a Piscina IV campaign years ago in WD (andy chambers own campaign?).

Thought on running the Planet; use RISK style rules. All continents/countries start neutral and then get invaded/defended.

These are all more long running campaign ideas. If we had a weekend then one day we could play lots of skirmishes etc (500 pts) that all influence the large game the next day. Again I think there was a WD with something like this in for the Armageddon campaign, I remember a tank factory

Would be good to dust the orks off whatever. Now to find some space marines in mk4 heresy armour 8)

Author: Tubes [ 20 Mar 2008 08:46 pm ]
Post subject:

I think it would be great to get something going. I love the idea of mixing it up a bit. Probably a fair few small skirmishes, then some larger games, evenutally a massive clash of battleforces? The numerous small games would allow numerous small, quick, fun games with which you can refine your tactics etc. Though I would look forward to a ma’hoof’sive game (got 8′ x 6′ board ready to go!) :P

I do like the idea of a longterm campaign which we could play a few games once in a blue moon (or more frequently than that). Maybe a risk type board, but I think the best way would be to keep it simpler to start (as we don’t meet that frequently that we could/would lose interest on the campaign).

I think the last rule book (not that different rule set to the new issue) had something about experience.

Author: DOOM [ 21 Mar 2008 12:37 am ]
Post subject:

I think we should find a way for us to mix all this into 1 pot.

We start out with a planet and over riding story, then we mix in mini scenarios and whatever we fancy. As long as it’s all based in the one area it should make everything that bit more interesting.

Author: BrizzleRob [ 21 Mar 2008 09:04 am ]
Post subject:

Quickly. I agree with everything Chris said. I’m still sceptical about having an experience system. Would a unit with a couple of battles under its belt really improve its shooting accuracy by 16.66% (increase BS by 1)?!

A risk board sounds a fair idea but I can’t help think that a single planet is a little restrictive for such modern, mobile forces. A couple of planets in a system sounds more sensible to me.

Author: DOOM [ 21 Mar 2008 09:36 am ]
Post subject:

A few planets sounds good to me.

I wouldn’t have an experience system that increased stats. As I said, I would use a system that gave units a reroll or 2 in a game, which may represent their growing familiarity with a particular theatre. But I would make an experience system lowest on the priority list.

Author: DOOM [ 15 Jul 2008 04:01 pm ]
Post subject:

I’m coming to the end of “Legion” and have bought the latest Horus Heresy book “Battle for the Abyss”! Legion is a great read, a little more subtle than the other books though.

Looking forward to Battle for the Abyss as it involved the Ultramarines.

I’ll try not to forget the books I’ve already read on friday so people can borrow them. And someday I’ll buy False Gods, the 2nd book, which is vital to the build up.

I believe it’s going to be a monster series of about 20 books or so.

Author: DOOM [ 12 Aug 2008 05:12 pm ]
Post subject:

Right, I’ve bought False Gods. I’ve already read it, I bought it for completeness sake.

Who wants to read it first? I know Lamberts read a whole load of them, but had to miss it cos I didn’t have it, and Chris is determined to read them in order so hasn’t got further than the first book.

You make up your minds. I’ll be down breifly this weekend, so I’ll bring it down and people can fight over it as they see fit.

Also, I finished Battle for the Abyss, which was another really good book!!! They seem to be getting better as they go! Next book will be out november/december time, mechanicum, which I bet will be another arse-spankingly-good installment!

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Horus Heresy
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Author: snailracer [ 12 Aug 2008 09:24 pm ]
Post subject:

well I’m off to mudeford for a week to sit in a beach hut on thursday so i could do with a few books, especially if the weather is as good as it has been! I will be around sat/sun but if I haent read the others by then I wont be needing another :)

Looking forward to reading them 8)

Author: Tubes [ 17 Aug 2008 08:13 pm ]
Post subject:

I’ve taken the 2nd book to read this week. Got the others ready to go? I left the ‘latest’ one at Dad’s still, ok?

Author: DOOM [ 19 Aug 2008 06:58 am ]
Post subject:

Chris, the 3rd and 4th book are in my room at mums. Then lambert ahas the next load.

Author: snailracer [ 20 Aug 2008 06:31 pm ]
Post subject:

I’m half way through Legion so will have finished them all by the 30th :)

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