Genestealer Cult
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Author: Tubes [ 22 Apr 2012 08:57 pm ]
Post subject: Genestealer Cult

I had a chat to Ju earlier about my post about the vastness of the rules online for Necromunda. He had also looked up rules for Genestealer Cultusts & found the same post/s as me with a bloke saying he had better rules than those in the CJ. However the 14yr old kid got there first & was published, even though some GW/Necromunda top guy/s thought his we’re more balanced & in theme. Unfortunately this bloke never posted his ‘better’ rules…

Thinking about it, even though I’d be rather keep with ‘regular/official’ gangs, I have the following points if anyone wanted to create a Genestealer Cult gang (this is off the top of my head & I haven’t the exact rules/stats to hand for direct comparison).

I wouldn’t allow genestealers into the gang unless they had a value worth a fortune. Try to draw a 40k points comparison & then consider those trained/grizzled warriors to illdisciplined, poorly armed thugs from the under hive.

Additionally I don’t think they would fit into a Cultist feel. The cult wants to stay secret until the big invasion happens. So they aren’t going to have some crazies killing freaks steadily plodding along with them as they battle for power/position during a campaign. Maybe they could make an appearance for a specific scenario/campaign.

I see the main aim of a cult is to remain secret to spread the word/fear before ‘the big chucker’. So I think a standard gang leader & gangers, 1 or 2 max hybrids (they could get away with it) & maybe a magos (wyrd).


Author: DOOM [ 23 Apr 2012 07:26 am ]
Post subject: Re: Genestealer Cult

I remember looking into the genestealer cult rules some weeks ago and finding out about this, supposedly, better set of rules which was never published. The guy who claimed to have written them just got on my nerves from all his boasting posts, which led to no result… ridiculous!

I don’t really consider that I’ve played necromunda before as I can’t remember it very well and I only participated a couple of times with a pit slave gang, which was a weird outlander gang…

Purestrains in necromunda seem a little far fetched, but it might just be a case of disallowing those and leaving the rest be. I’m sure I read something that with genestealer cult gangs they can very easily become outlaws if they are found out, so it’s not really in their interest to have all their weird mutated cousins roaming around too much.

Snailracer, how do you remember your old gang playing?

Author: snailracer [ 23 Apr 2012 08:24 am ]
Post subject: Re: Genestealer Cult

From my point of view I dont really want to play as a GC. From what I remember they very quickly became outlawed and then struggled massively as the outlaw rules hamper gangs quite heavily (althought this may have changed in the revised rules). I do have the Journal issue somewhere so I can find out the rules properly.

From memory I dont remember the gang being uber powerful even with a purestrain in it, unfortunately its such a long time ago now that I doubt any of us have a working knowledge of how the game plays. Once we get back into it and play as much as we do BB then I reckon we could have a good go at altering rules to fit our experience etc.

My preference would be to use the rules as written (for any gang not just GC) and see how we get on. No doubt people will start several gangs and get bored of some whilst others disintegrate etc. and we will have plenty of opportunity to see how the game works.

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