Free Xbox arcade game, worth a look – Harms Way
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Author: DOOM [ 27 Jul 2012 05:47 am ]
Post subject: Free Xbox arcade game, worth a look – Harms Way

Yesterday I was having a snoop around the xbox market place and found another Doritos sponsored free game, Harms Way.

This one is not the fun jumping, ducking and diving or doritos crash course, but actually quite a serious racer/shooter.

Basically, when you play you choose to be a driver or a gunner; drivers drive, duh, and gunners mount themselves in turrets around the track and shoot at the oncoming cars with a selection of weapons.

The setting is very gritty and almost post-apocolytic in feel – a bit tongue-in-cheek arcady though, obviously – but there’s not really enough of the game to much more than that. There are only 3 tracks to play on, all of which are big enough, with destructable terrain, multiple routes and secret passage-ways.

The game plays quite nicely, but doesn’t have the same slicking racing feel of Joy Ride. What really draws me to the game is that it has a co-operative element where gunners support their drivers.

There is nothing else to the game from what I have seen, no collectables or experience system. But what can you expect from a free game?

Worth a look, it’s free – Harms Way.

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