Eldar vs Ork 14/04/10
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Author: Tubes [ 14 Apr 2010 10:54 am ]
Post subject: Eldar vs Ork 14/04/10

I will try to make this as brief and easy to read as possible (I am currently waiting for paint to dry before varnishing new board surfaces – BFG & MoW)

I decided to have a go with Eldar (rather than boring SM, though I may well try them next?). After a weekend a while back with 750pts forces I thought we would go for 1200 but got tempted with some other units and made it 1500.

Eldar Force:
Autarch: Warp Jump Generator, Fusion Gun, Mandiblasters, Scorpions Chainsword

Farseer: Numerous powers & wargear
3x Warlocks: 1x Enhance (which I forgot to use a couple of times), 2x Destructors

11x Striking Scorpions including Exarch with Chainsabres
Wave Sepeant with Missile Launcher and some other wargear

11x Dire Avengers including Exarch equipped with 2 Avenger catapults and Bladestorm

2x 17x Guardians with a Warlock with Destructor (rather than Conceal to kill some boyz rather than survive a bit longer to then be killed :wink: )

11x Swooping Hawks including Exarch with Hawk’s Talon (should have gone for the 6 shot St3 AP6 Pinning rather than the 3 shot St5 AP5 to potentially get more casualties) & Skyleap (I love SHs because of their grenade packs when deep striking. I got the autarch because of them to help with reserves rolls combined with skyleap – should have used it more!)

The Battlefield

Mainley wooded with a number of choke points including a wooded corner with a track through it, a central small wood next to a pond and a large wood next to a river on the opposite flank to the wooded corner.

The Mission
Secure/deny 5 objective scattered around the board

The Game From my perspective
I rolled highest and could choose to pick my corner, deploy my whole force first and go first or Matt screw me for my deployment and me able to ‘react’ with the final turn. After glancing at Matt’s force I decided to go first and picked the corner opposite the heavily wooden corner with the track through (to channel/restrict Matt’s deployment)

Turn 1
One Guardian squad in the large wood next to the river adavnce to the wood line to take up firing positions (Op Tethered Goat/eldar-shield) with the Dire Avengers behind with their better range. Both rolled pretty poorly to move through cover and had to Fleet of Foot. The nearby Orks in the open would have been out of range anyhow.

The other Guardian squad supported by the Farseer’s council & Autarch advanced through the pond to the central wood but again rolled poorly to Move and FoF.

The Wave Serpent advance down the river flank to take a shot at the Big Gun (looted Basilisk which I was very scared of, especial for the guys cowering in the woods!). However the Big Mek Boss’s other Big Mek Assistant with Force shield protected the looted hulk from the shot.

Matt advanced with 3 trukks, 2 buggies, 2 killa kans and a deff kopta. 5 bike shooting and assaulting the guard squad trying to get to the central wood.

The Big Gun also took a shot at the Wave Serpent carrying the Striking Scorpions.hough it hit the Wave Serpent’s force shield protected it – phew!

His trukk with his Big Mek Boss (the one of the two in charge) jumped out of their trukk to shot and assault the Guardian squad within the wood next to the river. Understandibly the guardians got whooped and ran away to then be over-run by mega armoured nobz! The Nobz and Boss advanced just short of the Dire Avengers within the wood – help!

The Guardians miracilously survived the numerous shots and charge against them, though taking a numer of casualties taking down one or two of the bikers with them. Even more amazing was that they passed their leadership and held the line!

Turn 2
The Swooping Hawks arrived on the river flank to harass the 30 strong ork mob in front of the Big Gun. As they safely landed they discharged their grenage packs and killed a number of the orks enroute. The Wave Serpeant deciding the best for of defence is offence moved forward and dropped off the Striking Scorpions inside. It had a fired at the Boyz on the hill screening the big gun and only killed 1. The Swooping Hawks had better luck taking out a number of the boyz not protected by the Ass(istant) Big Mek’s force bubble.

The Autarch moved into the small central wood poised to shoot and assault the Killa Kans just the other side. The fusion gun shot hit and then rolled a 1 to penetrate – great!
While the Farseer cast Doom on the Mega nobz and killed the Big Mek Boss with Mind War – maybe there will be some chance, but I still have numerous mobs to wipeout). With the Mega armoured nobz Doomed :twisted: I could rerolled to wound rolls. Unfrotunately with the combined firepower of the Striking Scorpions and the Dire Avengers (using Bladestorm, +1 shot each but cannot fire next turn) I did not force that many saves due to poor hit rolls. 1 (and a half = 1 wound) died. However they failed their leadership and promptly sprinted out of the woods near 9″!

The Guardians in combat with the bikes still held their own, drawing the combat.

The orks shocked to see their Boss dead and mob running away where slightly stumpted. The Big Gun shot at the wave serpent causing the crew to not be able to fire next turn along side killing about 4 Striking Scorpions. The boyz on the hill reformed from the numerous casualties and took some pot shots against the Striking Scorpions, against taking down 1 or 2.

Unable to regroup due to the proximity of enemy forces the mega nobz again retreated whilst taking some successful shots at the swooping hawks along with the deff kopta. The 2 remaining trukks and buggies advanced towards the troubled bikers taking a couple of shots against the Farseer.

Turn 3
With very few Striking scorpions left they withdrew into the cover of the woods to shield the Dire Avengers. The Dire Avengers spread out to attempt to claim 2 of the objectives either side of large wood.

Unable to fire the Waveserpent moved to block the retreat/wipeout the retreating Mega Nobz With the Swooping hawks advancing alongside to shoot and then assault the boyz. They proved costly as the shots were pretty ineffective but Matt removed the closest casualties leaving them unable to charge! Knowing how good the grenade packs were but balancing that against shooting and assaulting I thought to keep them on the board (in hindsight they should have taken to the skies again to deepstrike the following turn).

The Farseer’s squad advanced on the nearest trukk to the central wood with the autarch in support. The Autarch blew up the trukk with his fusion gun forcing a ‘mighty’ St2 hit on all occupants and himself (he was fairly close to ensure he could charge the occupants). He took a wound and only 1 ork died. The one warlock within range used destructor to whittle down the mob and the Farseer frying the Nob’s ‘brain’ (can an ork have a brain? :? ) killing him. They then assaulted the remaing 4 and only at the last minute managed to kill them all before they hit back. The Farseer’s fellas consolidated into the central wood and the Autarch respoisioned to tackle the buggies outflanking the eldar force in the rear.

The guardians reduced the biker boyz to just their Nob

Matt fired the Big gun at the Striking Scorpions within the wood killing all but 2. The ork boyz shot and assaulted the foolish swooping hawks killing all but the exarch (very lucky). While the killa kans shot and imobilised the wave serpent which gracefully landed on the ground/force landing and losing a weapon. Ass Big Mek assaulted the wave serpent wrecking it.

The remaining trukk ran away from the farseer and autarch after seeing what they could do. Retreating back to claim an objective within the track in the wooded corner.

The buggies shot their rokkit launchers at the autarch killing him outright with their St8 weapon – damn! (next time don’t leave him by himself. put him with some warp spiders to take the punishment)

Finally the 5 remaining guardians (well really the warlock with witchblade) killed the biker nob and were free to claim and/or kill.

Turn 4
Now alone, the swooping hawk exarch leap into the sky/ran away. The 2 Striking scopions moved from the wood to assault the boyz (learning not to shoot as he would only take the closest away, denying the assault!) = kill or be killed from afar. The assault was pretty good, killing a number of them to no loses. They failed their leadership and were run down. The scorpions consolidated to next tie up/take on the Ass Big Mek.

The Dire Avengers moved through the woods to shoot at the surviving trukk from the mega nobz mob, successfully wrecking it.

The Guardians moved to shoot and assault the 2 buggies at their rear, killing one and the remaining one managing saves.

The Farseer and him now sole Warlock (due to Deff Dread shooting) moved out of the wood to take on the deff dread protecting the final trukk mob. The assault was good resulting in one less attack by the dread.

The dread killed the remaining warlock (who had enhance, which could have helped if I remembered with +1WS to the squad!) with the farseer immobilising it.

The remaining buggy move away from the guardians and killed a Dire Avenger.

The killa kans, I think, missed their shots against the Striking Scorpions

Turn 5
The Swooping Hawk exarch returned to the board onto the hill to then assault the Basilisk the next turn with haywire grenades. His grenade pack just hitting the deff kopta by causing no damage. Along with the 2 Striking Scorpions, he then fired at the Ass Big Mek killing him.

Now realising that a scoring unit was a Troop choice or any size which is still in play i.e. not withdrawing. The guardians raced to the small wood and the Dire Avengers to the safer rearmost objective.

The Farseer fianlly wrecked the deff dread and moved into the cover of the wood next to the objective guarded by the sole remaining trukk mob.

The killa kans ignoring the Striking Scorpions move, shot and then assaulted the swooping hawk exarch killing him with their power claws. (damn, a bit to conservative with the deep strike placement).

The trukka boyz fired from their trukk at the farseer causing 2 wounds.

The remaining buggy moved to position itself reight next to the Dire Avenger’s objective.

Turn 6
I rolled to see if there would be another turn, please :) ! But as with most of my rolling 1s and 2s the game ended :roll:

Matt had won:
His buggy had denied the Dire Avengers their objective
My farseer was just too far away in the wood line to deny the trukk mob theirs
My guardians, even with FoF could not rteach the central wood objective in time

At first I thought I would be whooped. Facing:
loads of boyz (to be expected)
3 trukks, including mega armoured mob
2 meks with force bubbles
1 big gun
2 killa kans
1 deff dread

I lacked serious anti armour other than Autarch & Wav Serpent (ranged), Autarch, Swooping Hawks and Farseer/Warlocks (close combat). Then the basilisk blasting my guys in cover to pieces!

I think I was for an up hill struggle from the off, especially with the concentrated corners deployment. However a was surprised what I did managed to pull off. Then again (as per almost ever dice based game) I did feel that many of my rolls were terrible. Totally under the average/expected rolls, 1s & 2s, especially with the number of rolls that eldar make for firing. To top it off whenever a key figure (autarch/exarch) had to roll something (hit/wound/save) they performed miserably.

I was fairly happy with what I achieved in the end espcially what I was facing. There are a number of rules we learnt/clarified along the way. I am sure Matt will go into those as I need to get off the computer.

I look forward to the next game, whenever that will be… :D

Author: snailracer [ 14 Apr 2010 04:16 pm ]
Post subject: Re: Eldar vs Ork 14/04/10

I think Chris has summed it all up accurately. I made a few mistakes, mainly due to not knowing the new rules fully. The main one being that scoring units can score as long as they are not broken regardless of numbers. I was thinking they had to be over half strength to score. This meant I ignored the guardian squad and tried to keep my trukkers safe in order for them to score. I should have used the trukkers to wipe out the guardians and the warlocks and hoped to have a few guys left to score.

I think once I get the hang of the rules then it will all be ok, but it is hard to forget previous editions when we play so infrequently.

The game was good fun but frustrating at times when rules became clear and were different to expected. I am never expecting to win a game and knew the Eldar would be able to destroy a lot of units easily. Thankfully Chris rolled badly for shooting, but from my point of view did very well on several other points;

The guardian squad holding its ground despite losing three combats to the warbikers. This meant there was still a scoring threat on my left at the end. I should have piled in and settled it but thought they couldnt score as mentioned above.

The Mind War on my big mek and my failing of the leadership test. I think if these guys had hung around they would have wiped out the Dire avengers (removing a scoring unit) and probably chewed up a good few striking scorpions. I actually had a re-roll for the Ld test that I forgot, I could have mob checked and tried to roll 4 or under on 2D6 :)

Ultimately I won the game because there wasn’t a turn 6. I’m pretty sure my warbuggy denying the dire avengers would have been destroyed and the Guardians would have claimed another objective, probably giving Chris the win.

Lots of lessons learned and looking forward to playing another game (time to build a battlewagon)

Author: DOOM [ 14 Apr 2010 06:15 pm ]
Post subject: Re: Eldar vs Ork 14/04/10

Sounded like an interesting game!

New rules certainly do throw up some big changes from the previous edition, but generally I think it is for the better.

I think this is probably the first “big” game we’ve seen played with the new rules. I’d really like to play some more larger scale games, maybe a whopping 3000 pointer on a 6 x 8 sometime..? ;)

We should try and arrange a weekend in May to play some 40k, maybe do a wee campaign – Orks vs Guard.

Author: Tubes [ 14 Apr 2010 07:34 pm ]
Post subject: Re: Eldar vs Ork 14/04/10

The rule changes which influenced the game most were:

No out numbering/ratio modifications for close combat Ld tests
Scoring units (or I would have move though lucky guardians into the woods rather than chase the war buggies)
Vehicles blowing up and inflicting pathetic St hits on the occupants (previously was it 4+ then a save?)

I would love to play a big 2000-3000pt (2 forces of 1500) game before I go but I don’t know whether I will have the time.

The boards are painted, varnished and sorted now for 2 6×4 tables or a massive 8×6 table :twisted:
The trees bases are glues, textured and will be painted tonight.
Just the modular boards need a facelift (hill gradient trim) in time

Matt we do have the apocalypse rules, what formations have taken your fancy?

Author: snailracer [ 15 Apr 2010 06:04 pm ]
Post subject: Re: Eldar vs Ork 14/04/10

Had a look at the Ork trukk rules and apparently they are ramshackle so it should have been ST3 not ST2 as the rulebook said. Apologies (although its probably a good thing as it would only have killed your leader guy :) ).

I’d just like a copy of the Apoc rules to have a flick through. Would be fun to see what stompas and looted baneblades cost.

As for gaming I can probably do the second bank holiday saturday and monday in may (29,30). I reckon a big game with one super heavy per side on your now massive table. Ork v Guard, Stompa v Baneblade, probably some allies.

Author: DOOM [ 15 Apr 2010 07:10 pm ]
Post subject: Re: Eldar vs Ork 14/04/10

That sounds like an awes idea!

I’d love to use a Baneblade!

I’ll open up a new thread for the last bank holiday weekend in May and see what interested we can get. To be honest I can’t 100% commit right yet as it’s hard to find long periods to see Miquette, and a bank holiday weekend is a prime candidate for that.

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