Dec One Day Campaign
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Author: Tubes [ 17 Nov 2010 09:07 am ]
Post subject: Dec One Day Campaign

Just thought I would type this up before packing and heading back to jobs etc.

Around Xmas time, as I doubt there is a weekend before the holiday period free for all, I propose a one day 40k campaign. For a change I am hoping to get a sizable Eldar Strikeforce host together to face the scum of the earth Imperial Guard.

I propose 2 commanders for each side (Matt and Ju = IG, Pete and Luke/Rob = Eldar?) with me as the ‘Games Master’. Basically each commander with have a distinct element of their race’s force i.e. mechanised, infantry, aspect warriors, craftworld guardians. They will keep that force during the couple of small skirmishes leading up to the 2 elements combining for the final clash.

However for each mission the objective or aim will be given by me (acting as that race’s supreme commander) to each individual commander but they will not know what they are playing for i.e. extra points, delaying the enemy, gaining flank march etc (but I will try and use commonsense, you should be able to have an idea what you are playing for dependent on the scenario). Additionally it is only up me, dependent on how well you do in the scenario whether you gain/achieve anything. Balancing achieving the aim/objective and casualties sustained. This means things aren’t laid out on a plate and you only have a finite number of troops so can’t throw them away for an insignificant objective. Got to try and think big picture.

When it comes to the large battle, again each commander will receive their own objectives/aim which they can share with their colleague. However they need to again balance what is more important and likely casualties sustained. They will also gain whatever they achieved in the 2 skirmishes but the enemy will not know any of these facts.

Essentially I want to portray a true fog of war, you may or may not know what your enemy’s objectives/aims are. I also wanted the final battle not to be the decider but a significant influence to who wins overall i.e. win both your skirmishes yet just lose the final battle you could still win. Also each commander commands his distinct force, though they can work together for the final battle. I could then rank each force in how well I think they did overall i.e. achieving their objectives, casualties sustained.

Obviously there is a lot for me to work out beforehand and it will be down to my judgment but hopefully it will provide a different day. Naturally luck will ebb and flow but that happens in real life too.

What are your thoughts?

Author: snailracer [ 17 Nov 2010 04:34 pm ]
Post subject: Re: Dec One Day Campaign

Sounds like a cool idea, and as long as I’m free I’m up for it. It’ll be nice to just turn up and play without having to worry about forces etc (although i might bring my only imperial unit and force it into the army as air support :) )

Author: Tubes [ 17 Nov 2010 07:19 pm ]
Post subject: Re: Dec One Day Campaign

After chatting to Ju I suggest trying to squeeze it before Christmas Day. Afterwards always seems to be full of family stuff.

Therefore, after he told me when he is working until, can I propose Friday Dec 24th for the one day event!!! I know it is Xmas Eve but all that happens is going to the pub in the evening. Therefore start early with all the forces already at the venue. I can knock up the forces for each scenario in advance saving more time. A couple of small skirmishes starting about 0930 and then hopefully finish the larger game by 1900 latest!

Who can make that day, any eariler and Ju can’t really make it due to work.

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