Chaos Cultists
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Author: Tubes [ 10 Sep 2012 08:19 pm ]
Post subject: Chaos Cultists

Another confession… I bought the new 40k box set Dark Vengeance – Limited Edition.

But I wasn’t being completely crazy (I hope) as I bought it through Wayland Games with a 10% discount and free P&P, so saved a fair bob. I am also currently selling everything (and should break even or possibly make a profit!) except:

      Mini Rulebook
      Summary Sheet
    20 Chaos Cultists

So the main point about this post is that I have now assembled the 20 cultists (10 close combat, 10 ranged). They look great (click here to see them). They should be great for necromunda and inquisitor, as a gang or as some 3rd party!

The auto weapons and heavy stubber also look great and I could be available for others, if required, for their gangs…

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