Campaign/game type: Escalation
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Author: DOOM [ 09 Dec 2010 02:47 pm ]
Post subject: Campaign/game type: Escalation

This an idea I had while discussing a day long campaign idea with Rob.

Basically the idea is that you lay out a large battlefield, 4×8 / 6×10, and then through the course of a day play multiple games. At the end of each game the forces from the previous game stay on the board as the forces for the next scenario come on to compete for the next objective, which may well change or be altered depending on the result of the previos engagement.

As the day comes to a conclusion the final engagement would involve final reinforcements being committed in a hope to acheive the overall objective, which may well be known from the beginning of the day.

As you can imagine this means if you can keep troops alive you are likely to have an advantage in the final engagement, but if you do not take the various objectives through the prior skirmishes you could well lose strategic advantage.

An idea I had was that before the campaign starts you allocate your various forces, so you have 500 points of special forces already in the area, 1000 points of troops held in low orbit ready to drop in and then a 1500 point battle force approaching on the ground, which won’t turn up until the final engagement.

What do people think? I reckon with my new Ork infantry, Lambos Ork horde and various monstrous creations we could have a great go at trying this out against the massed ranks of cannon fodder (guard) in the not too distant future..

Author: snailracer [ 09 Dec 2010 09:34 pm ]
Post subject: Re: Campaign/game type: Escalation

I like the idea. If we can find a suitable date then I’d be up for it

Author: Tubes [ 10 Dec 2010 06:46 am ]
Post subject: Re: Campaign/game type: Escalation

Again, an interesting idea. I would be keen to trial this. I wonder how aggressive commanders would be for the initial phase knowing that they could be a follow up phase…

Author: Tubes [ 02 Feb 2011 08:30 am ]
Post subject: Re: Campaign/game type: Escalation

just a quick one with 3 scenarios from GW. Look rather difficult against Orks…!

http://www.games-workshop.com/gws/conte … =13700018a

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