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Author: DOOM [ 21 Mar 2010 07:35 pm ]
Post subject: Campaign ideas

Evening gents,

was talking to chris earlier and we’re quite excited about the idea of playing a small 40k campaign over a day or a weekend. Hopefully sometime soon – like May or June?

I then thought a little longer and I think it would be cool to scale it down. As we realistically will only have a day we can centre the campaign around a small part of a global conflict, like an important Guard ammo dump or barracks or beach-head or something. We then work out a few scenarios that can lead up to a major engagement at said area..

The other thought, which Chris brought up in our conversation, was for 1 of us to act as a 3rd party and lead the players through a campaign. That individual would be sort of like a games master (GM)/narrator. They’d start the campaign off with a background and the starting scenario and as each engagement unfolds the GM would have a certain outcome depending on what happened and move the campaign along accordingly.

The cool thing about having a GM do this is, is that all the players are essentially unaware of how the campaign will unfold, except for maybe the overall objective – although not necessarily! The GM could be the voice of the Imperial command and the Orc “command” and the players could assume the roles of officers/warleaders from their respective forces and so as the campaign unfolds an entire story can unfold before the players, leading up to a climatic point which only the GM knows about.

I really like this idea, mixing a bit of RP into 40k could work really well. If we have 2 on 2, Guard vs Orcs, one guard guy could be the colonel of an armoured force stationed at the main base, and the other guy could be a Major in command of his company based out in the wilderness somewhere aware from the main base. They can obviously only choose troops from their pool of resources to put towards each engagement.

In the orc camp you could have conflicting clans – one player being a speed freaks warboss with access to loads of trucks and boyz, whereas the other could be a big mek with access to looted vehicles, dreads and hordes of grots.

There only needs to be a series of about 3 or 4 engagements, but with enough back story and interesting objectives I think it could be a lot of fun.

The more I write the more I’m getting into the idea, what do you guys think?

Author: Tubes [ 21 Mar 2010 08:42 pm ]
Post subject: Re: Campaign ideas

That chat was Ju was great to get the ideas going. I am going to write down some ideas this week.

I am baffled with the ‘new’ rules. For some reason the book doesn’t have the breakdown/variety of missions. Do you reckon that we could still use those old missions with special rules (and maybe a few tweaks) with the new rules? I think they were fairly balanced and it was great to have 3 (or was it 4?) different type of missions with a variety within each.

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