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Author: DOOM [ 10 Oct 2011 11:00 am ]
Post subject: Battlefield 3

This is the next installment from Battlefield 2. Sounds silly me saying that, but it’s not to be mistaken for Battlefield: Bad Company 3, it is different.

In the “normal” battlefield games you don’t get the medic class, instead the Assault class has access to medical kit, if they want it.

Personally I actually prefer this, but I know pete was a little disappointed when he spoke about it.

I think this is going to be great! I prefered the old BF games and like the fact that the Assault can use medical kit! I didn’t like being lumbered with LMGs in Bad Company 2 – that is, until I unlocked a few “all-class” weapons like the G3 and USAS.

I really hope they’ve done something about the base raping and ridiculous helicopters, but somehow I don’t think they will. Still, it’ll be worth it!

Author: BrizzleRob [ 10 Oct 2011 09:20 pm ]
Post subject: Re: Battlefield 3

Sounds interesting but TBH I’m a little tired on constant repeats. Does it bring anything new other than larger maps and better graphics?

Author: DOOM [ 11 Oct 2011 08:31 am ]
Post subject: Re: Battlefield 3

I don’t think much is new.

You can now lie prone and they’ve brought in jets, which will be interesting.

I’m keen to get it as I think I prefer the Battlefield series to the Bad Company series. I have many great memories of Battlefield 1942 and 2142, which I don’t think Bad Company did much to change.

Bad Company games seem more driven towards independent squad action, where as the Battlefield games seem more general overall team games.

What I’m keen to find out though, having just said what I’ve said, is whether teams will be able to appoint an overall command and if there will be more of a chain of command, like in previous titles – commander giving orders to squad leaders, who then pass it onto their squad, as opposed to Bad Company where there were no squad leaders or commanders.

Author: DOOM [ 01 Jan 2012 04:36 pm ]
Post subject: Re: Battlefield 3

Well, I’ve finally taken the plunge and buyed BF3. For £25 in ASDA I couldn’t pass it up, especially seeing as it is only temporarily reduced.

My short review is that BF3 feels much more realistic, the graphics, sound and gameplay seem to have a heightened, more chaotic feel, which realy immerses you in a realistic battle zone.

The level of customization of your character has been greatly increased. In addition to gaining ranks and leveling your character classes, you also level up weapons to get extra attachments and options for them. From looking through all the locked stuff there must be about 10 different scopes for the assualt rifles, in addition to hand grips, an entire array of underslung weaponry and additional fixtures, such as, flashlights, silencers, suppressors barrels.

I have only played as an assault trooper so far, but once you unlock your first few upgrades you have to make choices between being a combat medic or taking extra weaponry to become more like a bad company 2’esque assault trooper, with underslung grenade launcher, body armour and such. Taking the medic options, as I tend to, you forgo such additional weapons and are restricted to just a standard assault rifle, with whatever lay out you have chosen for it.

I haven’t really found any negatives yet. Helos are no where near as all dominating, there doesn’t appear to be a UAV anymore, instead there is a small scout UAV type thing, but I don’t think it has any weaponry, or nothing significant at least, and the jets seem to be fighting their own war overhead.

I’ll update you as I play some more, but I hope you guys move across to this addition as I think it’s a worthwhile upgrade from bad company 2, which I would like to trade-in once everyone has moved on to this incarnation.

Author: BrizzleRob [ 01 Jan 2012 07:49 pm ]
Post subject: Re: Battlefield 3

Sound a lot more balanced, but I can’t justify a new game in the near term. I’ve got plenty on already!

Author: Tubes [ 01 Jan 2012 09:27 pm ]
Post subject: Re: Battlefield 3

Ju, it sounds ‘awes’! However I’m going to resist for a while to see how my time works out over the next few months (+ money after the end of last year).

Author: DOOM [ 02 Jan 2012 11:06 am ]
Post subject: Re: Battlefield 3

Played a little more last night and unlocked a bunch of kit for my M416 assault rifle, including a red dot, which equiped with the handle grip and/or flashlight made for a devastating close range combination.

Another aspect of the game I have discovered is you can change your camo and unlock new camo designs as you level up! There is even an all black special ops kit.

I had a corny but maybe cool idea that if/once we all get onto the game and start playing as BTZ we can use exclusively silenced weapons in all black kit :D proper SAS style.

I was using a silencer on my M416 last night for a while on a night map, while slinking around the back of a conquest map and it seemed quite effective.

There’s so much customisation though. I was having a gander and once I unlock the UMP45 you can put a silencer, laser sight and red dot on it, as with all submachine guns. That’ll be a great close quarter combination! on the assault rifle different upgrades take different slots, so you can’t always get the best combination on any given weapon, which I think is a nice feature to make people mix their weapons up.

Author: DOOM [ 10 Jan 2012 02:15 pm ]
Post subject: Re: Battlefield 3

Well I’ve played some more Battlefield 3 and it’s such an improvement to bad company 2. I now have some “all-kits” SMGs and have the L85A2 (SA80 to you and me) and am really getting a good feel for the game. It makes bad company 2 feel like an arcade game by comparison. You have to steady your sight when taking longs shots and kitting out your weapon is important for different environments.

The biggest difference I’ve noticed (or rather, haven’t noticed!) is the lack of spawn killing. In Conquest and Ruch modes I’ve never encountered it yet! The bases tend to be significantly far enough away or greyed out, so you just can’t do it.

I played a couple of the co-op games with pete the other night and that was good fun too. I had to quickly learn how to fly an attack helo in one of them, which was stressful, but felt really rewarding at the end when we successfully completed it! I think they are only 2 player, which kind of sucks, but I really hope we can form up a team of 3 or 4 sometime in the not too distant future and really get some good team play going.

Author: The Power Spence [ 10 Jan 2012 02:37 pm ]
Post subject: Re: Battlefield 3

“The L85A2 (SA80 to you and me)”

Speak for yourself, I know it as the L85A2…. ;)

Author: BrizzleRob [ 10 Jan 2012 06:44 pm ]
Post subject: Re: Battlefield 3

It does sound very cool, but I still will wait for a number of months. I haven’t played on the Xbox in ages…

Author: BrizzleRob [ 15 Feb 2012 04:41 pm ]
Post subject: Re: Battlefield 3

LoveFilm tells me that my next disk is BF3. I fear I’m now at the top of a slippery slope; as soon as it arrives I’ll be compelled to buy a copy…

Author: DOOM [ 16 Feb 2012 09:35 am ]
Post subject: Re: Battlefield 3

That will probably happen :/ I’m sorry rob!

I did let you know when it was cheap!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy it! I’ve not even touched the single player yet, but after almost 50 hours of multiplayer I still love it!

Author: BrizzleRob [ 06 Mar 2012 09:27 pm ]
Post subject: Re: Battlefield 3

Doom and I have registered on Battlelog. Where are you guys?!

Author: BrizzleRob [ 05 Apr 2012 08:58 pm ]
Post subject: Re: Battlefield 3

Big thumbs up for improved suppressive effects.

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