August bank holiday
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Author: DOOM [ 17 Aug 2010 09:40 pm ]
Post subject: August bank holiday

I’ve had a change of mind.

After chatting with Rob we were considering the idea of running a small campaign over the course of the Saturday of the weekend.

This would involve 4 small scenarios involving very small forces on both sides and a final larger engagement.

In every scenario there would be accommodation for 4 players, each controlling their distinctly seperate force, but working in teams of 2.

My basic idea for the forces would be an infantry and a mechanised force for each side; guard and orks.

2 of the scenarios would involve one of the sides attacking something significant of the other sides.

2 of the scenarios would involve a more even skirmish where both sides have things to be lost.

The final battle would have various aspects altered depending on the outcome of the preceding scenarios.


Author: snailracer [ 19 Aug 2010 08:35 pm ]
Post subject: Re: August bank holiday

I like this idea. I’ve been wanting to try this sort of scenario for ages. Shame we have to ditch the tom clancy idea but we can save it for another time.

How are you planning on balancing up the final game if one side loses all of the set up scenarios? or are we just having the results delaying reinforcements? Are we going for 750pts for the smaller games, or maybe more? 750 probably gives us a good game whilst still being do-able in the time. Are we still going to try and play with 4-5K of points in the final battle?

I quite like the idea of using this as a set up for an ongoing campaign; something along the lines of ‘Planetary system 12X456 (or whatever) has recently become accessible following a two century long warp storm. The closest Imperial guard regiments have been diverted to ensure continued servitude of the Emperor and repel the attentions of Waaagh Gorfang, the scouting party of which happened to appear as the storm receded.’

We can then throw space marines, nids, cults, squats, moon beasts of ymgarl, or whatever else we want into the mix at a later date. I really want a risk type map to see how the imperials fare at saving a precious human habitable system from the predations of the universe.

Author: DOOM [ 20 Aug 2010 07:02 am ]
Post subject: Re: August bank holiday

That sounds cool. I’d love to have some sort of map to keep track of an on going campaign!

As for the games, I think 750 points is good for the small scenarios, but rob and I discussed the idea of using only a few elite squads. For example, a scenario where a squad of guard storm troopers and space marine scouts have to sabotage a stompa repair base.

A couple of the small scenarios I remember talking to rob about were basically:

– Ork attack on a guard airbase. If the ork’s succeed the guard only get 2 air strikes over the 6 turns of the final game, instead of 3, as the bombers have farther to travel.
– Imperial attack on a stompa repair shack. If the guard succeed then the ork stompa is delayed and comes on in turn 3 instead of turn 2.

For the other 2 scenarios we couldn’t think of anything particular, but certainly that they should be more evenly matched and have 3 possible outcomes (ork win, undecided, guard win).

Only small changes, but could make the final game a bit more random :)

Author: Tubes [ 20 Aug 2010 08:00 am ]
Post subject: Re: August bank holiday

I think this idea sounds great. More numerous/varied games before a huge final engagment (once the conditions for victory, for one side?, has been met – or thats what a commander would be thinking).

I always love the thought of raid missions with scouts. I think the capability reductions of 1 airstrike or delayed for 1 turn are good. They are of fairly significant effect but shouldn’t totally cripple that side.

4-5k final game! I think the Guard may struggle against 2 ork stompas and the couple of other tanks which the orks have managed to loot recently.

Maybe the bonuses for winning the other 2 skirmishes could be an advantage to slecting whether to deploy first/choosing their side of the battlefield; therefore no direct disadvantage to having a few 100 points knocked off. Or gaining an additional strategy card i.e. Flank March (or Anti-Plant Barrage!?)

I can’t wait to hear all about it! Email me the details

Author: snailracer [ 23 Aug 2010 09:49 pm ]
Post subject: Re: August bank holiday

Really looking forward to this now. I like the idea of the small elite forces. We can probably tie the whole lot together as a storyline if we try hard enough.

First battle: Guard elites sent to destroy ork beacons marking main landing zone. These are just rocks with transmitters attached and flung to earth by the ork fleet, followed by a mass of grots who ‘defend’ and clear the area for the first wave of orks.

Second battle: Ork skirmishers target Guard airbase to remove air defences for the main landing.

Third battle: Guard intelligence reveals that the orks have managed to establish a second landing zone and have dropped enough scrap to start building war machines. Amongst the scrap is a suspiciously stompa shaped pile. Due to the lack of heavy artillery a small force is sent to investigate and disrupt as much as possible, saving shells for the main horde.

Fourth battle: Following the discovery of war machines being constructed the Imperial Guard move to destroy the ork forces as they land, hoping that the imperial navy will drive off the ork fleet before thay are overwhelmed. The orks take the opportunity to harass the imperial supply lines, sending small mobile forces after the softest targets.

Main battle: The Imperial Guard arrive as the orks are landing. The number of beacons destroyed affect the ork landing rate, the imperials have delayed air support as they try to repair their airfield, the orks war machines are delayed by the damage caused at the scrap yard, and the imperials face delays after their supply lines have been harassed.

Or something like that. I might leave the points and scenario details up to someone else (Ju). As long as we can have an idea by friday night it’ll make the day a lot quicker :)

Author: BrizzleRob [ 30 Aug 2010 03:26 pm ]
Post subject: Re: August bank holiday

I plan to post some thoughts later this week, but in the meantime here are the photos I took at random moments – http://picasaweb.google.co.uk/rob.has.s … directlink

Author: snailracer [ 02 Sep 2010 08:00 pm ]
Post subject: Re: August bank holiday

Now that the dust has settled and I’ve got my pc set up in my new rented house I will post my thoughts on the ork invasion :)

The four set up battles worked really well, and we’re very well balanced. I particularly enjoyed the grots very nearly preventing the imperial specialists damaging the stompa. CCG’s (close combat grots) all the way :D

The final apocalyptic battle didnt work so well. Having sat back and thought about it I have come up with several reasons; Firstly I dont think that my force selection was very good or very well thought out, my only excuse being that it was hastily thrown together the night before due to a manic week of packing for moving house. I can only apologise. Secondly, despite Luke being infinitely better at 40K than me he had never used orks before and was relying on my ability with an ork army; for the flaw in this see above. He was great but ultimately polishing a turd. Third and finally I dont think the scenario was particularly well balanced. The ork force having to cross four feet of battlefield with massed ranks of imperial firepower facing them was always going to be tough (although as already mentioned my force selection could have been better, but I think I would need about 100 boyz to get enough of them across and into combat). The orks were also not helped by the alteration to flank march that completely scuppered their reserves. The plan was to bring them in behind the imperial lines thus giving the boyz chance to engage. Julian altered this to only coming on from the side or opposite board edge, leaving them with at least 24 inches to cross to the imperial forces. This threw us and we failed to adapt quickly enough, leaving our reserves to come on piecemeal and too far away to be effective. I still dont think the reserves coming on behind the imperial lines would have ruined the game, especially as petes armoured force arrived next turn and would have ripped the lightly armoured dreads and Kans to pieces. The fact that we ran out of time and the stompa failed to appear at all was hugely disappointing. Despite all of the above i think the appearance of random highly deadly killy death may have put some enjoyment back in. As it was I really didnt enjoy the final battle. I know my force selection had a lot to do with it but maybe we should stick to the apoc scenarios until we have played a few more games and are used to the forces needed to have a good fight.

Hopefully this all makes sense. Once I have settled into my new place and finished my landy I will try to find the time to sort out my miniatures :)

Author: The Power Spence [ 12 Sep 2010 10:48 am ]
Post subject: Re: August bank holiday

I agree with most of the stuff said. I really like the little games (especially the Storm Troopers vs the Grots). I always feel that unless there are specific objectives to capture that the big games always end up being a stand and shoot with the Imperial Guard. Then because there are so many weapons to fire it gets quite tedious and boring. I think we’d be better of using smaller forces (even if we still did a massive table). That would keep it more personal, maybe like 1000pts each but have 2 on each side.

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