Apocalypse rules summary
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Author: DOOM [ 23 May 2010 06:44 pm ]
Post subject: Apocalypse rules summary

Basic low-down of the rules in the book:

1. Pick armies – self explanatory.

2. Select teams – we’ll probably do 3 on 2; each army is then divided up between each player on each team.

3. Prepare battlefield – setup terrain and decide where “no-man’s land” is, you do this by rolling a scatter dice in the middle of the board, where ever it points you draw a line from that point on the board edge to the furthest corner. The area within 6″ either side of this line is “no man’s land”.

4. Set time limited – decide how long we are to play for; the game ends when an equal number of turns have been played by both teams after the time is up.

5. Pick strategic assets – each team picks as many asset cards as there are players in the larger team; if one side is smaller than the other they may choose another asset card for every full 250point shortfall.

6. Deploy – both sides secret bid 1-30 minutes for deployment; the team that bids the shortest time deploys first and takes the first turn; units not deployed (out of choice or from running out of time) are kept in strategic reserve*.

7. Place objectives – each side deploys 3 objectives: one in their deployment zone, one in “no man’s land” and one in the enemy deployment zone.

8. Fight – ding ding

9. Victory – everyone goes home a winner for having had a great day (but the team who secures the most objectives is considered slightly more of a winner and anyone who plays as Guard is always the morale victor).

* turn one = no units may be committed, turn two = up to half (rounding up) may be committed, turn 3 onwards = all remaining units. Units can only enter the battle from a board edge inside their deployment zone, or if they have deep strike they may enter using those rules.

Any questions?

Author: DOOM [ 23 May 2010 07:00 pm ]
Post subject: Re: Apocalypse rules summary

Bane-blade 500pts

Stats: bs3

Armour: 14-13-12 (3 structures points)


– Turret-mounted baneblade cannon (72″ st9 ap2 ordnance 1, 10″ blast, primary weapon) with a co-axial autocannon.
– Hull-mounted demolisher cannon (24″ st10 ap2 ordnance 1, 5″ blast) and twin-linked heavy bolters.
– Two sponsons, each with one lasercannon and a twin-linked heavy bolter.
– Searchlight and smoke launchers.
– On-board minibar and surround sound stereo system.

Regular Stompa 600 pts

Skillz: ws4 bs2 s10 i1 a4

Arma: 13-13-10 (4 structure points)

Gunz and stuff:

– one titan close combat weapon (+3 attacks [this is included in stats already], destroyer*, primary weapon**)
– Deth kannon (72″ st10 ap1 ordnance 1, 7″ blast, primary weapon) with co-axial supa-gatler
– Super-skorcha
– Twin-linked big shoota
– Two big shootas
– Three supa-rokkits
– One rear mounted big shoota (the only weapon it has that can fire backwards :/)

* Destroyer – weapons with the destroyer special rules do not need to roll to penetrate armour (the hit can be downgraded to a glance by smoke launchers, fast moving skimmers etc), in addition they +1 to the vehicle damage table. If they hit non-vehicles they automatically wound, do not allow cover saves [infact only invulnerable saves will protect you!] and inflicts Instant Death, unless the target is immune to this, in which case it cases 1 wound.

** Primary Weapon – primary weapons always count as ordnanace for the purposes of rolling for armour penetration and on vehicle damage charts. In addition they can ignore Gun Crew Shaken or Weapon Destroyed results on a 4+.

Hope this lot helps!

Author: Tubes [ 23 May 2010 08:53 pm ]
Post subject: Re: Apocalypse rules summary

Sounds great!

I have printed off & laminated 2 set of asset cards for the teams to choose from.

I think using this standard rules this Sat will avoid any complaints etc + we can test them and then tweak as required in the future.

Author: DOOM [ 26 May 2010 03:29 pm ]
Post subject: Re: Apocalypse rules summary

I’ve added stats for the big weapons above and clarified rules for Destroyer and Primary Weapon.

Author: Tubes [ 26 May 2010 05:38 pm ]
Post subject: Re: Apocalypse rules summary

Christ, Destroyer rule sounds lethal! How quickly does a Stompa move?

Author: DOOM [ 26 May 2010 09:53 pm ]
Post subject: Re: Apocalypse rules summary

12″ – It’s surprisingly quick!

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