5th Edition Thoughts
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Author: BrizzleRob [ 19 Jul 2008 07:01 pm ]
Post subject: 5th Edition Thoughts

So with some of you guys having played with the new rules what do you think of them? I’ve heard largely positive stuff, but what are the particular improvements, and are there any weak areas remaining? Are the rules very similar to the rumours and ‘preview’ drafts that had been seen online before the release? Were the games more dynamic now that all troops can run instead of shooting?

Author: snailracer [ 20 Jul 2008 03:00 pm ]
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The two games we played did seem to flow easier than I remember. There were a couple of queries which took a while to find but that was to be expected as we havent played in ages and I had only just seen the Ork codex properly.

The rulebook seems very well laid out and was much easier than the codex to get information from. No real rule changes from what I could see, mainly tweaks to make everything easier. Not sure either of us used the running rule to its full potential (if at all). Would definitely help combat armies and stop the long walk into death that i have experience many times :wink:

The vehicle rules seemed much better. The use of one table for damage is a good change (and definitely helped the ork trukks last longer :) ).

All in all a very good system. Still designed more for large battles as the rules are simplistic but thats what you want. If you want more individuality then play a different game.

Author: BrizzleRob [ 27 Jul 2008 10:48 am ]
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Sounds like an actual improvement from GW then, I can’t remember being many of those in the past!

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