40k Tournament
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Author: Tubes [ 14 Feb 2010 11:11 am ]
Post subject: 40k Tournament

Just been thinking with Ju about actually getting around to do something. How about a 750pt tournament one Saturday?

To get back into playing some 40k
To have a change and a laugh

Aim to play standard missions and the missions are randomly chosen for each battle.
Two 4×4 (could do 6×4 if required) boards in use at the same time.

The races will probably be:
Ju – IG
Rob – Eldar
Me – Nids
Matt – Orks?
Pete – SM?

Thoughts, suggestions?
I will post a date later this week. Maybe March 13th?

Author: DOOM [ 15 Feb 2010 07:31 am ]
Post subject: Re: 40k Tournament

I love this idea!

Chris and I were reminiscing about the 40k tourney we had at lamberts years back – was a great laugh!

Will also gives us all a chance to catch up with the latest rules and see a nice variety of armies in various situations.

Author: snailracer [ 15 Feb 2010 12:39 pm ]
Post subject: Re: 40k Tournament

I’d be up for this, it sounds like a laugh. I would indeed be using orks (I sold all but a necromunda gang of my genestealer cult and ‘nids).

This might even make me pick a paintbrush up :) How many points is a looted baneblade?

Author: Tubes [ 15 Feb 2010 05:11 pm ]
Post subject: Re: 40k Tournament


I think a looted Baneblade maybe slightly more than 750pts!

Shall we go for 13 Mar.

Have a laugh and build from there future games?!

Author: snailracer [ 15 Feb 2010 05:19 pm ]
Post subject: Re: 40k Tournament

Not sure about the 13th if we’re playing bb the weekend before. I might need that weekend to sort out before going to hong kong on the 17th, and emma might not enjoy 2 weekends without me. I might be able to bargain using the two weeks holiday angle so will let you know :)

Author: Tubes [ 16 Feb 2010 07:17 am ]
Post subject: Re: 40k Tournament

It will hopefully be only the Saturday and fairly quick. 2 games at once of about 4-5 turns. With the size of forces it should be about just over an hour max per game, I hope!

Author: snailracer [ 18 Feb 2010 06:13 pm ]
Post subject: Re: 40k Tournament

I’ve been thinking about this and getting quite into it so I’ll say I’ll play :)

And as far as I can tell a baneblade is about 630pts…. but I havent got the apocalypse rules so I dont know if orks could use it anyway or if it would just count as a large battlefortress.

Would be interesting to see how long one super heavy would last against the same value army :)

Author: DOOM [ 18 Feb 2010 10:07 pm ]
Post subject: Re: 40k Tournament

Baneblades are quality!

I always wanted to get one for our guard, but they’re so expensive I don’t think we play enough to make it worthwhile.

Would be great to do orcs vs guard, where each army has a baneblade though! :)

Can’t wait to start dropping mortar shells on orc heads!! ;)

Author: snailracer [ 19 Feb 2010 08:17 am ]
Post subject: Re: 40k Tournament

Pretty sure in amongst the files rob gave me there is a template for making a baneblade from scratch. I was tempted to use it as a base for a gargant :) Might have to try and get hold of the apocalypse rules

Author: Tubes [ 19 Feb 2010 03:12 pm ]
Post subject: Re: 40k Tournament

Sounds great. With your skill and imagination I am sure you could knock up some great ork builds. I’ll ask Rob if he has anything on his PC.

Author: Tubes [ 20 Feb 2010 08:39 am ]
Post subject: Re: 40k Tournament

I now understand the following are interested:

Me – nids Infestation
Rob – Eldar Strike Force
Ju – IG Infantry Coy
Pete – IG Armoured Coy!
Matt – Ork Horde

Can’t wait. It will be tricky to cater for all opponents within a force, but I am not that fussed. I can’t wait to do something different and have a laugh.

Remember to have an HQ choice and at least 1 troop. It is quite tricky to get a great 750pts force.

Sadistically I am looking forward to see how I am going to tackle Pete’s tanks!

Author: BrizzleRob [ 20 Feb 2010 10:33 am ]
Post subject: Re: 40k Tournament

Looking forward to it too. It should be an interesting weekend.

Author: DOOM [ 24 Feb 2010 05:07 pm ]
Post subject: Re: 40k Tournament

I’ve been chatting with pete about what armies we’ll be using.

I’ll be using an Imperial Guard infantry force. Pete’s going to use a infantry based Tau force, which sounds really kind of scary!

We’ve both tried to make our forces pretty all round, so we’re not bearding up with anything in particular.

Author: snailracer [ 26 Feb 2010 05:14 pm ]
Post subject: Re: 40k Tournament

I had a spare couple of hours yesterday so I got my bitz box out and decided to knock up a couple of killa kans


Pretty budget but they’ll do :)

The one on the left will use dreadnought arms until i can be arsed to make some. They need some shoulder plates but otherwise they are probly complete. A quick coat of black and some drybrushing and no-one will notice how rough they are :)

And before anyone says it yes the right hand one does looka a bit like wall-e :D

Author: DOOM [ 26 Feb 2010 06:30 pm ]
Post subject: Re: 40k Tournament

The right one looks a bit like wall-e!

They do look cool though, I can imagine with a lick’a’paint they’ll look as good as any other killa kan.

Really looking forward to the tourney :)

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40k Tournament
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Author: Tubes [ 26 Feb 2010 06:50 pm ]
Post subject: Re: 40k Tournament

They look great! I really can’t wait for that weekend.

Unfortunately Rob can’t make it due to work so no Eldar :cry: . I was really looking forward to see how the different races coped.

Author: snailracer [ 05 Mar 2010 07:35 pm ]
Post subject: Re: 40k Tournament

A bit of paint next week and I should have my little force ready to go. Looking forward to the challenge of (losing to) playing three very different armies

Shame Rob cant make it but only being four of us does make the day run a lot quicker and we should all be able to play each other easily.

Bring on the WAAAAAAGH

Author: Tubes [ 07 Mar 2010 11:10 am ]
Post subject: Re: 40k Tournament

I know we said this yesterday but I can’t wait for next weekend. I am especially looking forward to see Matt’s Orks! I briefly read today, on some forum, that new codex makes some great units:

Deffcoptas with guns, bombs etc :shock:
Stormtroopas with rocket packs which allow them to more extra and shoot :? !
Kommandos which come on the board edge of the opposing force :o !

Author: snailracer [ 08 Mar 2010 03:51 pm ]
Post subject: Re: 40k Tournament

Whats the plan for sat? I would quite like to watch the rugby so an early ish start is preferable for me.

No comment on my force list, but I do have deffkoptas, and stormtroopers, and kommandos, in my pile of miniatures. :)

Author: DOOM [ 08 Mar 2010 05:17 pm ]
Post subject: Re: 40k Tournament

We’ll definitely have the rugby on at ours, but if you want to watch it at the pub with mates then we will need to start ultra early!

I think the plan is to try and start about 9 30 – 10 00 ish?

I’ve booked the Friday off so I plan to be down south in the early afternoon – want to go to the gym in the morning. Hope to see people in the pub Friday evening.

Author: Tubes [ 10 Mar 2010 07:49 pm ]
Post subject: Re: 40k Tournament

The plan:

      0930 at our Dad’s, bring beers etc
      Aim to start 1000 after a brief rules review
      Random draw of opponents & random standard mission selection (or a straight fight if you wish, I think some variety would be interesting)
      We’ll get a few pizzas for lunch, eat during games
      Rugby on old TV throughout afternoon
      Aim to finish in good time for Calcutta Cup (1700 kick-off?)
    Hopefully fairly quick games due to the size of forces (1000 to 1600 = 6 hrs, 2 hrs each game should be more than enough time)

For fri night I may not go to pub as it is our Dad’s b’day weekend + early/prompt start Sat morning to ensure we are finished in good time for 1700. However I am happy to go to pub after Sat afternoon games and possibly curry for dinner later?


Author: snailracer [ 11 Mar 2010 04:43 pm ]
Post subject: Re: 40k Tournament

All sounds good. I think I agree with the friday night statement :)

The curry option sounds good. Who would be going? Just wondering if Emma would be ok to come or if she’ll get horribly bored by 40k reminiscing.

Author: DOOM [ 11 Mar 2010 06:03 pm ]
Post subject: Re: 40k Tournament

she might get horribly bored by 40k reminiscing, but she’s welcome to risk it!

My idea was to use the same scenario each battle, basically a straight up fight but with 3 objectives. One objective would be in each forces deployment zone and the 3rd would be in the centre. Not sure how the VP system works these days, but I thought we would give a very large amount of VPs for holding the objective in the opponents deployment, a moderate for capturing the central one and only a few for holding the one in your own DZ.

Alternatively we can just do something from out of the book. But i do like the idea of doing one generic/balanced scenario for every game, so that we can judge a winner at the end. Not that it’s important, but would give each of us something to aim for.

Author: snailracer [ 14 Mar 2010 03:07 pm ]
Post subject: Re: 40k Tournament

Results time.

Tau are annoyingly good at shooting. Imperial Guard Mortars are gay. Tyranid spore mines are far scarier than they should be. Ork Weirdboys are devastating and rubbish at the same time.

Realy enjoyed the three games, and had a good day in general. Bit fuzzy headed this morning :) Cheers boys.

Tau v Orks

It was annihilation so the orks started the long walk across the field. The weirdboy unit soon despatched the Kroot and then disappeared into the warp for two turns. The Kans took on the stealth suits and the boys headed up the middle. The Tau shooting took its toll and the warboss and his mob were soon running away. The Weirboy turned up and frazzled the heavy battlesuit but was soon gunned down with his mob. The kans finished off the stealth suits and then had the best round of shooting ive ever had with all six shots hitting and nearly taking out a battlesuit squad.
With only a part mob left they headed into tau territory and aassaulted the commander, killing him, but were soon gunned down by the two intact fire squads. The game ended with the orks scoring 4 points and the tau 5. I was quite surprised with how close I got to a win, and very annoyed that a large warboss mob ran away (11 and 12 for leadership!).

Tyranids v orks

An objective in either deployment zone should have affected the tactics but both armies just headed to close combat. The tyranid warriors blast weapons caused damage to the big mobs in the centre, but the weirboy mob on the flank fought well against the hormagaunts stalking them through the woods. The nids soon closed into close combat and a huge melee broke out, which lasted most of the game. Ultimately the nids were victorious but had taken heavy losses. The remaining gaunts were mopped up by the kans and weirboy mob but the resulting casualties left both sides unable to claim objectives and the game ended a draw. If either of us had been more sensible with the objectives either of us could have won, but we both went for CC. I think chris realised that his lictor would be better dropped for more gaunts in future, and I would agree and be very scared :)

Imperial Guard v Orks

A classic match up with three objectives to capture. The orks decided to take the game to the guard. The weirdboy took this a bit far and warped his unit directy infront of the guard lines. They managed to soak up all of the guard fire, unfortunately using their corpses. They did distract fire from the rest of the army, who closed rapidly. The warboss mob reached combat but soon found themselves outnumbered and destroyed (14 attacks and I caused 1 casualty). With only one mob left and the full guard firepower focussed on them they didnt have long. They tried to take the fight to the guard and did win a few combats but were all too soon destroyed. Another game where the objectives were ignored, but I think I needed to try and destroy the guard rather than sit and get mortared (did I mentioned mortars are gay?). The game may have gone very differently had I kept the warboss mob in combat as they were tying up three units, and after the guard had lost their extra attack for charging would have chewed through them. Shame I cant roll dice!

Overall I was happy. I went for an infantry force and thats what i got. Next time i think I’d include a few faster elements and some bigger fire power to take the fight to support elements and claim objectives. The killa kans were the best part of my army, followed by the weirboy. So helpful having heavy weapons with BS3 instead of 2.

looking forward to playing a bit more this year

Author: Tubes [ 16 Mar 2010 07:13 pm ]
Post subject: Re: 40k Tournament

Thanks for coming Matt & Pete. I think everyone had a good day. Can’t wait for the future days!

Now a very quick summary from my point of view:

Tyranids vs Imperial Guard
If only I had the first turn… then my spore mines could disperse and reek havoc on Ju’s infantry. But that didn’t happen, the mines were easily shot at and destroyed each other, though taking down a couple of guard with them!

The rest of the battle the IG did what they were good/great at = shooting. My reserves did little late impede movement and delay/distract attention from my core units.

Tyranids vs Orks
I basically charged forward with spore mines on my right flank taking some orks down. The mines on the left were detonated by the killakans without a chance of them getting hurt. The tyranids rapidly advanced towards the orks with blast weapons from the tyranid warriors taking some toll on the mobs. By the end of the second turn the nids were in combat!

What happened next was basically a couple of rounds of close combat. The nids doing well on the initial charge by the orks proving resilient and taking virtually all down with them. In the end only a small brood of hormogaunts remained to assault the Weirdboy’z mob. The result leaving the battle in a draw as no-one could claim objectives.

Tyranids vs Tau
As demonstrated by the Tau’s previous 2 games they dominated with awesome firepower and armour. As a good start one of the two 16/17 strong hormogaunt broods assault the kroots in the woods. Unfortunately the new rules state that the kroot could strike first so all but 1 nid died in the assault! In hindsight I should have assaulted the 3 stealthsuits.

The Deathleaper and rippers appeared behind the Tau lines but were unable to effect the heavily armoured Crisis suit warriors.

In general:
The Deathleaper was a waste of points. Great rules but difficult/inappropriate for that size of battle. I could have got another brood of critters to hold/take-out other squads.

The tunneling (deepstriking) rippers were also a waste. Deepstriking the Deathleaper and Rippers sounds great until they have limited shooting ability and cannot assault the turn that they appear.

The spore mines were ok as they were really cheap. They were great when I had the first turn or they got shot! I could have got a biovore to shoot a mine out each turn but it would only be one at a time…

Even though I was descimated each time I really enjoyed the day and can’t wait for the next.

Author: BrizzleRob [ 19 Mar 2010 06:10 pm ]
Post subject: Re: 40k Tournament

It all sounds like a really interesting weekend. I like the idea of occasional big games, but much prefer more frequent smaller games. As you guys seem to have found, I suspect the more frequent light-hearted games give us a chance to get a good feel for the different forces, units, compositions, tactics and opponents. I’d be keen to get involved in the same again…if work allows!

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