40k Expansions!
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Author: Tubes [ 02 Jun 2010 08:46 pm ]
Post subject: 40k Expansions!

I saw that there was yet another expansion – Spearhead!
It is getting a bit silly now:

Cities of Death – urban combat (fair enough)
Apoc – enable massive games (ok, understandable)
Planetstrike – enable…planetstrikes attacker/defender (uummmm?)
Spearhead – enable large vehicle formations (totally stupid now and geared around marketing. How could this be fun with nearly 90% vehicles?)

Author: snailracer [ 03 Jun 2010 06:43 am ]
Post subject: Re: 40k Expansions!

From what i saw on the GW website the rules are free so more geared towards letting people with large amounts of vehicles use them all at once. Ok some people will go out and buy enough vehicles in one hit for a spearhead but I dont think its that bad

Author: Tubes [ 03 Jun 2010 06:29 pm ]
Post subject: Re: 40k Expansions!

Well if it is free then far enough. I thought it was another money spinning scheme.

It doesn’t really take my fancy. Not 2 large tank forces against each other. But one larger tank assault against a defensive force would be interesting.

Author: Tubes [ 06 Jun 2010 06:42 am ]
Post subject: Re: 40k Expansions!

Just downloaded the formations/basic rules (I think only one file). Doesn’t seem that bad at all. I thought it was massed vehicles against each other but no!

It is more like Apocalypse i.e. a formation of vehicles which can than have a special skill/ability etc. Only 1 per force so could add a far bit to opposing forces. Also they are ridiculous sized formations i.e. 3 walkers/3 tanks etc.

It can be found on the GW site as I can’t upload pdf here

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