19th July
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Author: DOOM [ 26 Jun 2008 06:49 am ]
Post subject: 19th July

Are people up for playing some 40k on this date?

Maybe, if we’re organised enough, we could crank out the 6’x8′ and play for objectives with medium sized forces, so the board isn’t cluttered and there’s a lot more maneuvering involved?

Also, we could maybe try some of the speculative new rules? I.e. Running, laying low (+1 armour save, but being pinned), better cover saves etc…

Maybe we can discuss them here.

And how are the orc armies? I know pete’s just started gathering his, but how is lambert’s force looking?

I can’t wait to see the guard in action!! :lol:

Author: snailracer [ 26 Jun 2008 08:10 am ]
Post subject:

Sounds ok. Have a look in the fluff section as I’ve posted my entire force.

Author: Tubes [ 08 Jul 2008 04:19 pm ]
Post subject:

Alright guys, was chatting over weekend about this game.

Looking at having quite a large board 8′ x 6′! Hopefully it works out ok. Quite large, but not too tooled up/basic, forces (3000, or upto 4000. What can you manage?), but should be enough space for manoeuvre.

Each side split into two formations/sections/hordes
Each side have 3 random objectives (objectives are selected from the board and numbered, each side then randomly select which are their objectives. The other side don’t know until the end!)
About 6 turns (or we’ll wait and see)

How does that sound?

Author: snailracer [ 09 Jul 2008 04:34 pm ]
Post subject:

All sounds good. I am currently available but as I said elsewhere this might change.

I might need pete to work out the force as I dont think I have a current army list. I will see what I can do and will PM pete to try and get organised.

1500 to 2000 points each; how much fast attack have I got? :)

Author: DOOM [ 10 Jul 2008 06:08 am ]
Post subject:

I don’t think we’ll worry about army structure restrictions, just take whatever you’ve got!

Author: snailracer [ 16 Jul 2008 04:17 pm ]
Post subject:

Are we on for this on saturday?

Author: DOOM [ 16 Jul 2008 04:33 pm ]
Post subject:

We are indeed!

My initial thoughts are to make rough 2000 point forces for each player present, so 4000 a side. Although please note that this is a rough total.

I reckon we keep it all pretty bog basic, so no flashy special items. If the orcs can’t make that many points without bumping people up with stuff then we’ll just lower the amount of guard I reckon.

We’ll play on a 6′ x 8′ board with 3 objectives per side; 1 inside their half of the board, 1 in the middle and one of the other side. Then each pair of generals can decide how best to approach these objectives.

If you have any ideas I’m all ears :)

Author: snailracer [ 19 Jul 2008 05:52 pm ]
Post subject:

Ah what a glorious afternoon for a battle, well if you’re an ork!

The Imperial guard fought valiantly early on to defend a vital river crossing but were eventually overwhelmed and let the bridge be destroyed. The orks had driven flat out to the objective, using the only stand of trees to cover their advance, and riding their luck as the IG’s battle cannon armed Leman Russ tried to stop them. The blood crazed orks made their objective relatively whole and once in hand to hand combat overwhelmed the guardsmen. The bridge withstood several blasts before finally collapsing into the bloodied waters.

Warboss Gorfang recieved the signal that the bridge had been destroyed and began his assualt on the Imperials forward operating base, knowing he had time to take the fortification before reinforcements could arrive.
The ork assault began well as guardsmen were picked off the walls and few casualties taken in return. The orks sent three boy laden trukks straight to the front gate, which was soon blown from its hinges. The lead trukkers piled throught the gate as the second trukk was disabled. The boys leapt from the second trukk and headed towards the now unbarred gate. The third trukk swung away towards the main road to the fort to slow the reserves when they arrived. The rest of the Orks continued thier relentless advance.
Warboss gorfang was having trouble with his mega armour and was being left behind by the boys. Both dreads were leading the charge but failing to dent the walls. The warbikes were having a great day raking the imperial defenders. Both sides were taking losses but the green tide kept advancing.
The boys inside the fort quickly overwhelmed the mortar squads inside but were then left facing a hail of fire from the command squad. Amazingly most of them survived and then withstood the charge, eventually wiping out the HQ and having free reign to attack from inside. Outside was a different story as the walls held. The frustration began to show for one of the ork dreads and it smashed its way along to a different wall section, unfortunately it too, held.
The arrival of a leman russ and an armoured fist platoon gave the orks something els to think about. The second dread staggered towards these new foes, closely followed by a boys mob. Gorfang decided these armoured targets were far more worthy of his attention and waddled towards them.
With orks now pressing the walls one whole side collapsed. On the opposite side the dread finally smashed his way through. On the main road one of the now empty ork trukks tried to ram a chimera and only suceeded in blowing himself up. His actions did buy the dread time to charge in and he soon immobilised the troop transport. The other two chimeras waded the riverand tried to clear the orks but soon found themselves bogged down.
The leman russ was free to take pots shots at Gorfang and his retinue as they plodded along, and succeeded in killing a nob.
The fort was all but overwhelmed but the remaining defenders made the orks pay dearly. Back on the main road the dread charged a second chimera and destroyed it, then charged the remnants of the squad being transported and destroyed them. Flushed with success it decided to ford te river to get to the leman russ and promptly sank. The third chimera dismembarked its squad who were unlucky enough to run into half a trukk mob and rapidly wiped out.

With the fort lost and the reinforcements taking heavy casualties the Imperil guard withdrew. The sentinels that failed to turn up will need a very good excuse to please the commissars.

Good fun day and its always nice to win (for a change) :D Great to just play and not be overly worried about points values etc. We had two balanced games and I think both could have gone either way

Author: DOOM [ 20 Jul 2008 09:21 pm ]
Post subject:

It was an awes day! I can’t wait to play more. The new rulebook seems really easy to use and clarifies a lot of past discrepencies.

I must admit that even though I lost both games it was just so good to be able to play some casual games and enjoy it! We didn’t worry about points cost and I think both games were even enough and could have gone either way.

Good work by lambert won him the day in both games.

I think next time we need to be a bit more organised and make more space for putting armies that aren’t on the battle field and also it would be better to have 2 people per side so the vast quantities of models don’t become too tiresome to move :S

Author: BrizzleRob [ 27 Jul 2008 10:49 am ]
Post subject:

DOOM wrote:
I think next time we need to be a bit more organised and make more space for putting armies that aren’t on the battle field…

If we tidy up the room then there should be two desks at the far end which would be free.

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