Spiralling expenses – thoughts on a premier league
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Author: snailracer [ 08 Oct 2010 05:24 pm ]
Post subject: Spiralling expenses – thoughts on a premier league

Was thinking about this today and wondered what others thought.

If there is opposition to changing spiralling expenses then why not split the league in two and allow those teams that have hit a certain value the opportunity to move to a premier league? This allows those who want to play with uber teams the chance to do so but also lets those who dont continue on with the standard rules.

The premier league would have the modified spiralling expenses table. Teams in the premier division can play anyone but to encourage them to not pick on lower teams they always give away a free apothecary (or 100k inducement if the team cant have an apoc.) and have to use the normal spiralling expenses table when playing said lower teams. The spiralling expenses money goes to the lower team as a bonus, but is added before any spiralling expenses are taken.

As we have so many teams active this shouldnt be too hard.

Its a shame we dont play a regular league with defined seasons and numbers of games as all of this would be so much easier to work out and implement.

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