Speed Blood Bowl
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Author: DOOM [ 06 Jun 2010 08:36 pm ]
Post subject: Speed Blood Bowl

I had a random thought the other week that to make BB more “fun” you could potentially take out turnovers and set a very strict time limit of 1 minute to get things moving very quickly.

After our recent apocalypse game I enlisted Pete and Chris to play test my idea. Our findings were profound!

In 1 minute you could barely move all your players, and that is with making all armour rolls once your turn is over. So I extended it to 2 minutes.

In 2 minutes you could just about move every player with barely a moment to think, again this was with armour rolls being rolled after that 2 minutes was up.

Our conclusion was that once you incorporate all the necessary rolls into your turn you’d need at least 3 minutes to move every player, leaving almost no time to think.

This brought into stark constrast the necessary pace to play a 4 minute turn, which is recommended in the BB rulebook.

I know the league is not really happening at the moment with some of us concentrating on other games, but if people were to start getting the league up and running again it maybe worth considering being strict about time limit. A 4 minute turn hardly gives you time to make any great plans!

The other thought that came from the experiment is that you can play without turnovers. We ruled that once the ball was dead or you had completed your pass and hand-off you could not touch the ball, but all blocks could still take place. Pete even suggested that you can only move the ball once all blocks have taken place, only then can you use your blitz, pass and/or hand-off.

We probably need to test it again, but I certainly got the impression that without turnovers and a strict time limit both players were far more daring and reckless and appeared to enjoy it more and you weren’t constantly thinking, “if I roll a 1 my turn will end…”.

Author: Tubes [ 07 Jun 2010 05:21 am ]
Post subject: Re: Speed Blood Bowl

I agree, You had to approach the game with a more carefree attitude. Your planning time was during the opponent’s turn.

Probably playing by the time limit rules would help with speed of games and random-ise the game results more so, rather than clinical plays. I think give it a go. It is probably best with more rookie (<100 – 140TV) teams

I’ve found an sand/hour/4min timer on ebay here
http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/FOUR-4-MINUTE-SHO … 563d08a0e9

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