Robots v Corporation
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Author: BrizzleRob [ 28 May 2013 09:42 pm ]
Post subject: Robots v Corporation

Very quickly…

Popped up to Nottingham over the weekend and managed to sneak in a game of DreadBall with Doom. I took the Robots (a first for me) and Doom a season 1 Corporation team (a first for him to face a Robot team). Things started badly for me. I thought the, powerfully average, Robot Jacks might initially hold their own against average Corporation players, the dice gods saw fit to suggest otherwise. In fairly short order Doom had removed three of my players for long spells.

The resultant space, and absence of Robot substitutions, provided plenty of room for the Corporation to manoeuvre. I forget the exact scoring sequence, but within a few turns Doom had 5 or 6 points; it was looking dangerously like a 7pt landslide was on the cards! I then frantically put together a single rush 4 point strike, buying me a little breathing space. Despite this gesture Doom remained very much in control if the match. He came back with a 3 (?) point strike of his own. Following this I recall a couple of future Corporation strike attempts which failed, including the very final. There was a modest amount of to and fro, but ultimately the match had been won.

On reflection perhaps I should have transformed a few specialists early on. The jacks are good, but the specialists are better.

Author: DOOM [ 28 May 2013 09:56 pm ]
Post subject: Re: Robots v Corporation

It was a bit one sided, partly due to some lucky rolls at bad times for you and partly because of your unfamiliarity with robots.

I feel I’m starting to get a grip of basic tactics now and I went into the game with a fairly good idea of what I needed to do – gang up on your robots to try and get them off the pitch and make the best use of my superior numbers. It just so happened that the dice gods were good to me in the first few turns :)

When I played as robots a couple of weeks back I kept them all bunched up at the start of the game to reduce potential losses early on, then transformed a couple into guards to help fight back – robot guards are pretty grisly! But that was against Forge Fathers, so I was fairly confident I wouldn’t be out manoeuvred.

Against the average corp I think a few robot guards would have been really useful. But it was a fun game for both of us, I think? And another learning experience in this ever growing game!

Looking forward to getting a roster started with a proper team soon!!

Author: Tubes [ 29 May 2013 09:41 pm ]
Post subject: Re: Robots v Corporation

Great to hear about your game. When I tried as Zzor against Robots I also aimed to knock out as many of their piddly 6 ‘robot’ squad to get a numerical advantage. However, Ju that time had transformed some to Guards & Strikers early on & did not need to transform them later in the game.

A very interest team to play, but numerically vulnerable initially as a squad.

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