New Blood Bowl Stadium!
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Author: Tubes [ 15 Nov 2009 04:28 pm ]
Post subject: New Blood Bowl Stadium!

Just thought I would potter about in my garage today. I ended up measuring and marking up another ‘transportable’ pitch. This time slightly lighter weight (6mm rather than 9mm and less boxes around the pitch) and try to improve the finish.

I have now cut out the pitch and used 3.5cm squares! I know I will not be able to use the range ruller for throwing, but I prefer counting the squares to avoid any confusion. I will have scatter, throwing and maybe some other references on/within the box to aid play.

The TD Zones are also 2 sqaures in depth as I want to spray on the team name onto the grass i.e: AWAY (for the visiting team) and interchangable Corsairs/Giants/Piranhas/Wildfire/Mules (yes, I have changed the name of my new Halflings, Plumpton Picklers, to the Mootland Mules) TD Zone sections in their appropriate team colours.

Due to the board folding into a box the pitch halfway line will also have to be removable (as in my previous pitch). I am now thinking about having a general pitch centre and maybe team specific halfway line i.e. team logos.

The various TD zone/centre line sections should be stored along the side of the pitch, similar to my existing pitch but only on one side (to reduce weight and overall size).

The pitch is hardboard into which I have routed the grid lines, with the exception of the TD Zones so not to spoil the wording on the grass. I appreciate that the ball may bounce into the TD zone, but it should be simple enough to know which square it is in, even if it does bounce off the pitch.

I will also make the dugouts more logicial, like the cardboard boxed game ones i.e. Reserves LHS with KO’d to the right and CAS RHS – to avoid any confusion which my previous pitch created.

Hopefully I will finish it in slow time before xmas. Any thoughts on my plans?

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