May Day Dreadball fun
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Author: DOOM [ 02 May 2013 07:43 am ]
Post subject: May Day Dreadball fun

One of the artists for Wastelands, Chris, and I played a couple of games of DB yesterday. I still feel like I’m really learning the most basic strategies of the game and they were chris’s first games, but even with the ref we got going very quickly.

Veermyn (Chris) vs S1 Corp (Me – winner)

This was Chris’s first game, but his setup was inspired and, especially for veermyn, I thought. As the home team he instantly got the gaming going with a 1 point score, in his first turn.

The game then slowed down as in my first turn I plowed forward with my guards and jacks, trying to maim all before me. My striker took control of the ball and with a bit of cheeky ref manoeuvring I was able to form a sort of wall of death on the right side of the pitch in the veermyn’s half.

After several turns of battle and each of us desperately trying to gain the upper hand, while controlling the ball, I was able to make a desperate dash with my striker and score a 4 pointer! The crowd went wild

From this point on Chris found it hard to get a hold of the game as I’d taken out his guards and was starting to get a hold on the game. I also had a cheeky Run Interference card which I was able to play at the kick-off to get one of my jacks to cover the ball.

Chris subsequently failed the pick up and in my next turn I scored another 4 points and won the game.

I felt mildly guilty beating Chris like this in his first game, for at least a second or two ;) But seriously, we both learnt a lot from this game and decided to switch teams and have another crack!

Veermyn (me) vs S1 Corp (Chris – winner)

In this game I decided to setup exactly as chris had with the veermyn. As the home team I think it was a good setup; both guards right up on the scrimmage, with my 4 strikers straddling the 1 point bonus-point hexes, if that makes sense?

Anyway, my veermyn guards must have felt like they had a point to prove after such a poor showing in the previous game and spent the game controlling much of the Corp’s side of the scrimmage line. I think I then scored a 3 pointer in my first turn. I don’t remember exactly how the scoring worked in this game, as we both had many attempts.

There was a running battle on the middle of the pitch as chris tried to recover from my early onslaught, but despite numerous attempts at goal I failed to score nearly every time after my first goal!

Chris was able to score twice, bringing the game well under his control. I managed to gang up and kill one of his guards and serious injure the other. And then we came into the final turns!

With a 4 point deficit my chances of victory looked bleak, but I was able to make a desperate play and scrambled one of my strikers down the field to make a butt-clenching shot from the bonus hex! And it went in!

Standing at 0 points chris, who was a little thin on numbers, had to make some daring rolls to free up space, and using previously bought cards, charged down the pitch to snatch another 4 pointer!

In my very last turn my veermyn had clearly knackered themselves out because they failed nearly everything! In a desperate attempt to level the game slams failed and the ball was dropped and chris didn’t need to use his last turn for anything, as the game was won.


Both games were great fun and we seemed to slip into the style of the game very quickly.

In one great play from the second game, chris brought a jack off the bench, picked up the ball from where it had landed after I missed a shot at goal, he then ran down the side of the pitch, used a card to lug the ball down field, where he had a striker waiting, who then turn and threw the ball to another striker, waiting on the 4 pointer, who doubled the catched and shot it in!! Was an amazing action and only used 3 action points and a card! I think he even doubled the score and got a coaching die for it.

Brilliant games, we’re both keen to crack into a league up here. Just need to convince the other 2, who weren’t able to attend sadly.

Author: DOOM [ 02 May 2013 12:22 pm ]
Post subject: Re: May Day Dreadball fun

I remembered that, in the second game, chris decided to have 3 corp strikers on the field, which was why I think he struggled with physical battle – he tried to out run me, which is nearly impossible to do against veermyn! Although he did win the game, I was really pounding him in the middle of the pitch and his jacks, coming off the bench were the inspiration he needed to get his points.

I think, with corp, especially against a team like veermyn, you really only need 1 or 2 strikers on the field. the jacks seem more useful because they can hold the ball and layout the odd veermyn striker who gets too cocky.

With the veermyn I found by getting 1 or 2 of my strikers wedged amongst the corp players, whilst in a brawl, gave my guards a big help when they were slamming, but also helped to restrict the corp players from putting up a better defence. As the veermyn are SO fast, they only really need 1 or 2 players to run back and forth, scoring the points. Or rather, try and score points, because they always bloody miss…

Author: Tubes [ 02 May 2013 02:20 pm ]
Post subject: Re: May Day Dreadball fun

I totally agree with only 1 or 2 strikers on for Corp, as they are the team’s star players.

I also never really thought about using VM strikers to assist. Certainly over the past few games I’ve wanted to use assists more, even with a guard slamming a jack. The assist really helps to tip the balance. With VM your strikers are the only one you could fill that role…

Author: BrizzleRob [ 02 May 2013 08:08 pm ]
Post subject: Re: May Day Dreadball fun

The enjoyed the reports, and it sounds like you had a good time. Given that Corporation won both matches, do you have any thoughts on the reasons for this? Can you see you or Chris pulling off a victory with the Veermyn in future?

Author: DOOM [ 02 May 2013 09:37 pm ]
Post subject: Re: May Day Dreadball fun

In the second game I think I could reasonably argue that I should have won. I scored a 3 pointer, then had 3 attempts at 4 pointers and only succeeded one of them. Chris, on the other hand, scored 3 four pointers and missed 1 other shot. Plus I dominated the centre field.

The thing about dreadball that I feel I’m quickly learning is that there is not really any momentum. Infact, if you think momentum is with you then you’re probably becoming complacent. it’s reasonable to think that you can score in any single turn, what stops people doing it every turn just comes down to the odds of actually being able to achieve it. You wait until the probability is reasonable then go for it. But also, if you’re down and you need to score, then you just go for it and can usually have a good crack at it.

DB seems, above all, to be a game of risk and reward. You could score every turn, but what are you risking to do so? and does it make it very easy for your opponent to score back?

Was chatting to chris tonight at work. He really enjoyed the games and next week we should hopefully get 4 of us playing games side by side.

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