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Author: The Power Spence [ 26 Apr 2009 05:36 pm ]
Post subject: League Games


Just to say from the outset, i’m not moaning or having a go etc, :)

This league rule about not playing a team twice until you have played all other teams at least once, can we possibly change that rule?

Mainly because a few of us are strugling to find games at the moment, whether it be unrealistic tv meetings or that we have already played.

I know I was one of the supporters of the rule, but as with our league it is quite difficult with the spread of tvs and peoples locations to adhear to the rule and still play games.

Can we maybe relax the rule a bit?

Author: RoninOakcleaver [ 26 Apr 2009 06:32 pm ]
Post subject:

I was also one of the ones to support the introduction of this rule but i think this season – through no-ones fault – it has ended up that a lot of people just haven’t got the time to play the games and so the people that have got the time have got no-one to play having played each other already…

So to summarise I think that I support Pete’s suggestion that we relax the rule this season due to circumstances.

Author: snailracer [ 27 Apr 2009 01:26 pm ]
Post subject:

The point of the rule was to stop teams cherry picking fixtures to avoid difficult/high TV opponents.

I did think someone was going to bring this up thursday night. My position is (and was) that the rule should stand until there really are no viable options other than to play a second fixture.

High TVs and lots of inducements is no excuse not to play each other.

So I agree in part but only when a team has played all the teams it can. I think this will mean that the teams who are nearing this point can play a second fixture even if they still have not played any of Chris, Robs, Ju’s and to a lesser extent now we have thursday nights my, teams.

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