Late April DreadBall
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Author: BrizzleRob [ 26 Apr 2013 08:52 pm ]
Post subject: Late April DreadBall

Here’s a bit more of a summary of the recent DreadBall matches. All results have been reported to the online DB database.

Wednesday 24th
S1 Corporation (Doom) vs Forge Fathers (SnailRacer): Home win by 3
SnailRacer has already outlined the match here. The slamming prowess of the Forge Fathers, and their stubbornness, appeared to dictate the course of the match. It was all Doom could do to keep players on the field! Whilst the slamming went well for SnailRacer, his dice rolling for strikes was abysmal. Doom pulled off a cheeky strike in the dying moments to pick up a victory. Perhaps modest reward for contending with the battering his team received.

Veermyn (BrizzleRob) vs S2 Corporation (Tubes): Visitor win by 5
A testing match for both teams. The modest punch of the Corporation was sufficient to kill two Veermyn players (including one of the two Guards). There was a bit of back and forth in terms of possession and strikes, but ultimately the Season 2 Corporation obtained a reasonably comfortable win. Their ability to defend the strike areas with the skill ‘Running Interference’ can be a nightmare for the opposition, although drawing the man/woman with a dummy runner (or just slamming them) helped. The S2 Corporation Jacks need only stand on the hex immediately in front of the strike hex and they have the entire strike zone covered; they’re blocking the path from the bonus strike hex, and all other hexes are within the 1 hex movement allowed for a ‘Running Interference’ slam. That said, it should be noted that this skill has to be used sparingly (once a match)…not every rush/turn.

Friday 26th
Robot (Doom) vs Zzor (Tubes): Visitor win by 1
Have I got the result the correct way around? I only arrived late in the game. By all accounts these two Season 2 teams produced a highly attrition affair. The Zzor are tough puppies (monsters?!) to face up against, always saving one point of damage. Doom seemed comfortable with the Robots’ ability to transform into the different positional specialism’s. I arrived in time to see him pull off a double change, switching a robot from a Guard through Jack to the Striker positional specialism, and then go off an score a 1pt strike. That was in Doom’s final rush of the game, and I recall Tubes then collecting the re-launched ball in his final rush, scoring a comparatively relaxed 2pt strike to snatch the game in the final moments. Perhaps he missed though?

Judwan (BrizzleRob) vs S1 Corporation (Doom): Home win by 7…LANDSLIDE!
I took the Season 2 team I’ve probably been most excited about, against Doom’s favoured S1 Corporation. This was going to be a clash of styles as I could not intentionally harm ANY of Doom’s players; the Judwan choose to evade, feint, run and throw the ball around the opposition, instead of using violence to make the space. Things got off to a modest start, despite having home advantage. I cleared space for a 1pt strike, but the strike attempt went wide (however it scattered and was regained by the striking player!). Doom closed to pulp my pacifist players with no real success. The next turn a couple of deft evades and feints, and I scored a 3pt strike. The ball launched for Doom, but he couldn’t make use of it. I then gathered it and produced another 3pt strike (rushes may be merging into one here – it all happened very quickly!). It was looking dangerously like a landslide victory (obtained when a team leads by 7pts) for the Judwan was on the cards. Knowing that 1 or 2 points would be insufficient to reasonably keep the Corporation in the game, Doom pulled off a skilful play. Carefully co-ordinating runs, slams and almost speculative passes to obtain a 3pt strike. It was now only a 3pt lead to the Judwan.

Unfortunately, for Doom, from here on in the Judwan had gone from serenely peaceful to just slightly miffed…they meant business. The ball launched, was gathered, passed forward and then launched at high speed for another 3pt strike. A desperate effort by Doom to avoid the impending landslide was thwarted by more non-contact feints, drawing the Corporation threat hexes away from the static ball, enabling the quick collection of the ball and a 1pt strike. 7pt landslide victory to the Judwan in rush 8(?)

Obviously it was the first time any of us had faced up against the Judwan, and I had read elsewhere that this team could run away with a match. Having the home advantage is clearly a significant benefit for the Judwan; I could typically put together a potential strike (generally a 3pt strike) within a single rush with only two players. This team does only start with six players, so whittling them down very early on in the match must hinder their ability to create plays. A more concerted effort by Doom to slam/foul with every opportunity at the beginning of the match is probably needed, focusing on specific players. If he had the first turn, it would have given him a little more opportunity to make me hurt.

Still a good game and a very different team to play with/against. I’d be interested to try Judwan vs Judwan (no striking at all); it’ll be like basketball.

Author: Tubes [ 27 Apr 2013 05:41 am ]
Post subject: Re: Late April DreadBall

It’s pretty much all been covered above…

Running Interference being only once per game makes sense now, but could be tricky to keep track without markets on players bases. I think the Corp Season 2 team could be tricky to play now, without starting with a DB Card.

I thought Robots would be transforming more (using up caluable APs) but that didn’t seem to be the case so much. Was a good game. Zzor are a more robust, simple team. I lost after missing my last ditch 2pt strike – damn Doom’s exploding 6 rolling tendency!!!

Against Judwan you really need to gang up on 1 or 2, knock them over & foul. But they only really need 2 or 3 players on the pitch to score!? Could be tricky…

Author: snailracer [ 27 Apr 2013 04:15 pm ]
Post subject: Re: Late April DreadBall

Good write ups. The judwan sound very interesting. It’d be great to get into DB in the same way that we all got into BB and have played enough games to know (pretty much) how it works and what can be messed about with and house ruled. Give it ten years and we might get somewhere…

Author: BrizzleRob [ 27 Apr 2013 05:27 pm ]
Post subject: Re: Late April DreadBall

snailracer wrote:
…have played enough games to know (pretty much) how it works and what can be messed about with and house ruled. Give it ten years and we might get somewhere…

Yep, big learning curve at the mo. I’m trying to glean gems from the Mantic forum, as well as emerging sites like this wiki.

I quite enjoy the new-ness of it all. No-one among us is (knowingly?!) aware of any über beardy combinations, plays or tactics. We’re pretty much playing every game as it comes, and frequently everyone remains in contention right up to the end of the match.

Author: DOOM [ 30 Apr 2013 08:49 am ]
Post subject: Re: Late April DreadBall

Great games all round, I think. This was my first proper go at the game and I enjoyed all three games and can’t wait to play more!

Realistically I think games are an hour and a half each, but I think you’d be hard pushed to take any longer than that unless you went into over time – but then the excitement of the game would make up for this.

I found playing as the robots really interesting and quite fun. The corp are just classic and I enjoyed that too.

One thing I have definitely grown to appreciate is the capability of jacks! They are actually fundamental and really useful players. I had thought originally that you’d end up getting rid of all your jacks and replacing them with strikers and guards, but I don’t think that’ll be the case at all.

One of my mates in Nottingham got himself the game last week so I think our plan is to start a mini-league up here. I think we may try a couple of games tomorrow!

Author: Tubes [ 30 Apr 2013 09:18 am ]
Post subject: Re: Late April DreadBall

Yup, you can squeeze it in just beyond an hour if you are both fairly comfortable with the game (or if one team is being whooped). But 1hr 30 is a quite comfortable paced game.

Especially playing with FF & Zzor (whose Strikers aren’t great ball handlers) Jacks are really under rated. In addition to Jacks being really useful/flexible (hence their name…).

I look forward to hearing about how you & your mates find playing more DB up north… (not that I’m suggesting that the altitude, temperature & damp should dramatically effect your gaming). ;)

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