Initial DreadBall Games
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Author: BrizzleRob [ 24 Dec 2012 08:47 pm ]
Post subject: Initial DreadBall Games

This afternoon/evening Tubes, Snailracer and I played our first two full games of DreadBall. I think everyone came away with positive impressions. The game seemed fast (accounting for us picking up the game) and encouraged positive/daring play.

The first match saw Snailracer (Orcs) take on Tubes (Corporation). As I remember it Tubes scored an early 3 point Strike which was relatively swiftly countered with an Orc 3 point strike. From here on its was largely a battle of attrition, with Snailracer systematically removing Corporation players from the pitch. With the score tied and the full time played the game went into sudden death. Both had few players on the pitch capable of scoring. Tubes identified that injuring Snailracer’s last two Goblins would win the game by default. Nevertheless Snailracer’s ambitious play put him in a position to strike and win the game (twice?) only to miss the target. The corporation incredibly ran away with the ball to score the critical 1 point strike needed to win.

The second game was quite different. I (Orcs) played Snailracer (corporation). I probably had a single turn all match as Snailracer, with a bit if luck and some skill, whitewashed me 7-0. In his first turn some fortunate scattering of the ball enabled a 3 point strike, followed by another soon after (?). I grabbed a conciliation 3 point strike in an effort to stay in the game, only for the final nail to be swiftly delivered soon after.

Fast, fun, frantic, unpredictable, nice game mechanics. There are some areas which may demand clarification, but I think it can be picked up pretty quickly.

Author: snailracer [ 26 Dec 2012 09:40 am ]
Post subject: Re: Initial DreadBall Games

I enjoyed playing the two games. It was easy to pick up, although my experience with Munchkin yesterday would suggest its easier if you are used to this type of game, and fast paced and encouraged scoring.

The first game was a bit odd as we were picking up rules etc and I had no idea on tactics and ended up just beating chris up. My luck carried over from blood bowl as I had two chances to win the game and failed both (needed a 4+ on 4 dice).

The second game seemed to me to be more how the game was intended to be played; Moving the ball around and scoring quickly. I did get lucky when one of my players caught a kickoff in robs turn to deny him a turn. I went for high risk scores and they all came off.

I like the mechanic. I like the dice system especially. A team has a stat line for its players and this doenst change (humans are pretty much always 4+) but you always get 3 dice to attempt the roll. +1 gives you another dice etc and if you pass on twice as many dice as you need you get a bonus.

We didnt have the coaching cards in play so it’ll be interesting to see how those affect the game this afternoon.

I could see this taking over from BB for our thursday leagues as its so much quicker and easier to play. Who do we know who has access to decent printers for pitches and rules……

Author: BrizzleRob [ 26 Dec 2012 08:38 pm ]
Post subject: Re: Initial DreadBall Games

On Christmas Day Tubes (Forge Fathers) and I (Veermyn) played again. I used my impressive movement and speed (agility) to whip around for two swift 3 point strikes. A single point strike was all that was needed for a white wash! Unfortunately Tubes wasn’t having it. He used his superior strength to repeatedly send my players off the pitch to recover. He was rolling an obscene number if sixes, which permitted him to roll an additional dice (‘exploding’ sixes). Even with my Guards I was having little joy inflicting any pain in return.

The play seemed to big down, working in the favour of the Forge Fathers. Tubes took a 4 and 2 (?) point strikes to level the game. I just squeaked (pun intended) a win just at the end. Both teams are complete opposites in playing style. Forge Fathers can hit hard and have the ability to pick up and pass the ball, they really struggle with movement and dodging. Veermyn just want to run around and dodge the opposition keeping the ball in the hand once you’ve successfully gathered it. Slamming is challenging, you’re generally better off trying to steal/spoil the ball. Guards could be useful for drawing the threat zones towards them, creating gaps for strikers to sprint through.

Author: BrizzleRob [ 26 Dec 2012 08:47 pm ]
Post subject: Re: Initial DreadBall Games

Two more matches this evening. Snailracer (Veermyn) vs Tubes (Orx) saw a Veermyn victory…I think. Quite a bloody affair after Snailracer got off to another flying start in a similar fashion to me previously. The lack if punch soon took its toll against the brute of the Marauders.

I (Forge Fathers) played an old school and Blood Bowl mate, Wallis (Corporation). It was very much a cooperative taster game which had Wallis take two early 3 point strikes. I grabbed a 4 point strike back and started to deal damage out. Ultimately it wasn’t enough and two further fluid strikes deep in my half saw Corporation won 7-0.

I think all remain impressed with the game. I do have soft spots for the Veermyn and Marauders. The Corporation can clearly develop over time, but are just too average for my tastes with a one off game. My game did show (at times – I had some terrible rolls!) that Forge Fathers can get the ball moving. You probably need a player ready in the opponent’s half, waiting for the opportunity of a pass.

Author: BrizzleRob [ 26 Dec 2012 08:56 pm ]
Post subject: Re: Initial DreadBall Games

Just seen a comprehensive rule summary sheet. May be of interest – http://wargameraz.com/Dreadball%20Reference.pdf

Sorry for strange wording above. Bloody iPhone auto correction. Also I interchange between Orx and Marauders.

Author: snailracer [ 27 Dec 2012 09:12 am ]
Post subject: Re: Initial DreadBall Games

I enjoyed the boxing day games. good to catch up with wallis a bit more.

I did indeed beat chris with the veermyn, although he did beat them up horribly. I think I had two players left on the pitch at the end. I enjoyed playing them, and can now see the tactic is to run away as much as possible, preferably with the ball, and go for the larger scores. Again I had a four dice shot at winning the game but failed to roll 5+. This led to a comeback for chris meaning I won by two points.

I think the major plus point is that there are really no failures in the game. Rolling ones doesnt instantly cause despair, and the only turnover is dropping the ball.

I think we should try to get a league going, especially as we have pdfs of the rules and we have plenty of minis to use as proxies. cant be too hard to make some pitches

Author: BrizzleRob [ 27 Dec 2012 10:14 am ]
Post subject: Re: Initial DreadBall Games

We’d need to think how cards can be replicated/substituted. I think Jake’s blog (http://quirkworthy.com/) may have had some substitute rules.

It would be interesting to see how a DreadBall league would change the way out games have been played. The whole game seems designed with a positive mentality; no instant failures, the game favours attacking play, balls immediately return to the field (potentially leaving the scoring team exposed) etc.

Author: snailracer [ 29 Dec 2012 04:47 pm ]
Post subject: Re: Initial DreadBall Games

Could a table be made up and then just use a pack of playing cards? Ok its not as easy but it would be a cheap way to do it.

In fact can you buy blank playing cards?
Yep http://www.makeplayingcards.com/promotional/blank-playing-cards.html they even have a design service. Good for DOOM but maybe not for using copyrighted designs.

And quite a few sets on amazon. Might be a lot of effort. Maybe easier to scan them and print on photo card

Author: DOOM [ 29 Dec 2012 08:13 pm ]
Post subject: Re: Initial DreadBall Games

Good find! I’ve favourited it and will look at it more closely.

Been reading my way through this thread and glad to hear you’ve been enjoying db so far!

I can’t wait to start a team and get playing. I hope to join a league in Nottingham if my work shifts allow.

Rob posted my corporation team up to me today and I hope to recieve it within a few days. I hope I can find more joy playing as corporation than you guys have had so far…

Author: BrizzleRob [ 29 Dec 2012 10:26 pm ]
Post subject: Re: Initial DreadBall Games

I’ll have a look for the card substitute rules tomorrow. That custom card site is a good find!

Doom it isn’t that the Corporation aren’t good to play, they just lack the interesting ‘edge’ other teams provide. No doubt with a bit of squad development things would become more interesting. I’m looking forward to playing more with all teams. I’ve almost prepared paint schemes and team names for all of them :)

Author: snailracer [ 29 Dec 2012 11:54 pm ]
Post subject: Re: Initial DreadBall Games

How many hex tiles are on the pitch?


Bag of laser cut ply hexes, some glue and a board….

Author: BrizzleRob [ 30 Dec 2012 09:00 am ]
Post subject: Re: Initial DreadBall Games

Some others’ attempts at homemade pitches can be found on the Mantic forum. Seemingly the BoardGameGeek file area for DreadBall has a black and white A3 template. I also see with interest some new reference sheets.

Author: snailracer [ 30 Dec 2012 09:50 am ]
Post subject: Re: Initial DreadBall Games

The pitch is six pieces of a4. Downloads ok. Haven’t printed it out yet but it should be ok once stuck down and protected. Might be best printed as 3 A3 sheets and mounted as it would then fold up nice and small.

Basically I can now play dreadball for free. Just need a system for replacing the cards

Author: snailracer [ 30 Dec 2012 09:53 am ]
Post subject: Re: Initial DreadBall Games

The A3 one on there is full colour so harder to print without a decent printer/paying for it to be printed

Author: BrizzleRob [ 30 Dec 2012 10:37 am ]
Post subject: Re: Initial DreadBall Games

Interesting that the A3 pitch is titled as being black and white, but obviously isn’t.

Reviewing the other newly available files I quite like this Quick Reference Sheet for having all the team stats and costs, and I particularly like the Action Flowcharts for its powerful potential in teaching the game to others. Once you’ve got a few games under your belt I doubt the flowcharts are necessary, but they help guide newer gamers through the action process. Best check if there is anything we’ve missed/misinterpreted!

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Initial DreadBall Games
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Author: snailracer [ 30 Dec 2012 03:04 pm ]
Post subject: Re: Initial DreadBall Games

After an interesting email from rob I think I may well be ‘borrowing’ someones work printer to create a dreadball set….

Author: BrizzleRob [ 31 Dec 2012 04:33 pm ]
Post subject: Re: Initial DreadBall Games

I’m glad you’re able to have a go with the ruleset (jolly nice of Mantic to give that away over xmas). Not wishing to bite the hand that feeds, I hope we’re able to show our support for Mantic in future…even if I think we’ve maxed out on DreadBall content with the Kickstarter Cheerleader package. I presume Snailracer is looking to produce a Marauder team?

Doom received his Corporation figures today. Looking forward to priming mine (potentially today) and getting on with the painting.

Author: BrizzleRob [ 12 Feb 2013 02:33 pm ]
Post subject: Re: Initial DreadBall Games

Another reference sheet has been produced. Possibly one of the most useful so far… linky.

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