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Author: snailracer [ 13 Apr 2009 08:04 pm ]
Post subject: Fixtures

I know I have been a bit slack so far this season so

Rich: I cant do this thursday as I’m off to cardiff but will be around the week after and so on, so maybe some sort of regular fixture?

Ju/Rob: I will be in cardiff at the end of this week and free/heading home saturday if either of you fancy a game?

Everyone else: when are people free for games?

Author: DOOM [ 14 Apr 2009 06:23 am ]
Post subject:

Rob and I are heading on hols with family this saturday. And before that I’ve got my final, big open uni assignment to finish off, so doubt I’ll be free this week. Sorry mate.

How often do you come up to cardiff?

Author: NigeD [ 14 Apr 2009 11:36 am ]
Post subject:

I’m currently free on the weekend of 9-10 May and 23-24 May.

Author: RoninOakcleaver [ 14 Apr 2009 12:40 pm ]
Post subject:

Matt, I can’t do this Thursday either but next Thursday would be good.

Giles and Pete also want to play each other and I think they are free so they might come over as well so we have two games going at once, but more of an atmosphere.

As for a weekend – not sure yet about times in May or thereafeter, think I be fairly free currently.

Author: snailracer [ 14 Apr 2009 05:08 pm ]
Post subject:

Ju, emma has about 9 weeks left at uni so might be up once more in that time.

Nige, I cant do saturdays as I’m usually working, but if you’re down playing other games over a weekend i can turn up on a sunday

Rich, sounds good mate, shall we make it a date? :)

Author: RoninOakcleaver [ 15 Apr 2009 11:53 am ]
Post subject:

Thursday 23rd then…

Arrival anytime from 7.30, aim to kick-off at 8.

Avengers V Reavers.

Author: snailracer [ 20 Apr 2009 05:26 pm ]
Post subject:

so are we still on for thursday?

Anything we need to bring?

Author: The Power Spence [ 20 Apr 2009 07:25 pm ]
Post subject:

hell yeah,

Avengers v Reavers
Doughnuts v Deluxe

Just bring your team, don’t think you’ll need anything else, i’ll be bringing my set and rich has one at his.


Author: snailracer [ 27 Apr 2009 01:27 pm ]
Post subject:

Are we on for this thursday? I quite fancy a game with the Warriors

Author: The Power Spence [ 27 Apr 2009 03:56 pm ]
Post subject:

You can take on the hornets if you like

My TV is 2100 (1840 for the next game due to casualties).

Author: RoninOakcleaver [ 27 Apr 2009 05:28 pm ]
Post subject:

I’d like to play on Thursday but it depends on Giles really – Charlotte wasn’t massively happy that we didn’t finish ’til midnight the other day and actually I wasn’t overly pleased given that I had to get up for work the next day!
So if he can’t arrive earlier due to Kickboxing every Thursday then we might have to scrap the plans we had in mind of a semi-regular thing, though I would still be up for playing Mat on occasional Thursdays as we can get our games done and dusted in sensible times (or Luke and Pete for that matter).
That was a bit rambling but hopefully you understood :-)

Author: snailracer [ 27 Apr 2009 08:58 pm ]
Post subject:

I wouldnt want to finish much later than we did and fully understand that a bunch of people in your house til midnight is a bit much.

Like you say if we can kick off on time and get done in good time then there is less of a problem.

Its up to you as its your hospitality (and very good hospitality it is too)

Author: RoninOakcleaver [ 28 Apr 2009 07:10 pm ]
Post subject:

Well I chatted to pete today and we decided if you wanted to play Hornets this Thursday then maybe you could go to his to play that game anyway?

Maybe on a future Thursday you could come round mine to play a game, without the extra distraction of another game going on? I’m not sure the Avengers are ready to take on the mighty Warriors yet, but the Saints could ahve a run out…

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