Dreadball House Rules
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Author: Tubes [ 03 Apr 2013 07:52 pm ]
Post subject: Dreadball House Rules

After some more procrastination I found an interesting post on Jake’s blog regarding DB House Rules.

Obviously there are some experienced BB players posting ideas. But there are also simple solutions to keeping track of action points/cards allocation to player numbers (we use that already), prone markers (when we receive them), the scatter (which we pretty much do now anyhow), play the full action on the DB card and not just use it for movement (not cropped up yet, I think it wouldn’t be in the spirit of the game).

Some of the more maverick solutions initially seem interesting i.e. income from winning/losing with your red dot (cheer) bonuses from fan checks. However there are some which would destroy the game of DB. In my opinion there is no point changing a developed game to help a couple of issues here and there as it was most probably designed with a few core principles in mind i.e. the Sprint rule (its part of the game, accept it as both teams cab use it), Jacks to get more bonuses and restrict Strikers’ bonuses, finally choosing not to catch the ball (yes guards can’t but its part of the game and can be used as a tactic against opponents by manipulating their positioning).

Moving onto a hex with the ball and being unable to pick it up, i.e. a guard, would be a foul could be interesting. It hasn’t happened yet but again I am maybe a simpleton and like to keep most things vanilla.

Jake has replied to all and many of his responses are that a new table or skill set has been developed in S2. We have also played very few games and no league play yet so it is probably too early to implement anything until we’ve had a chance to fully experience the pukka rules.

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