Dreadball Fouling
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Author: Tubes [ 01 Apr 2013 03:20 pm ]
Post subject: Dreadball Fouling

Since talking to Snailracer on Saturday about fouling I have thought about it and looked it up. It appears to be more prevalent in DB than it was in BB. This could be because it is not a turnover (unless the sent off player had the ball) and a sub can come onto the pitch to make the team upto 6 (or more…) as soon after the sending off. Also it is only 50% if someone is sent off and it may only be for 1, 2 or 3 rushes…

So the fouls possible:

Sucker punch – slamming a player in the back when you started in front of them. Positioning of players could force this foul i.e. leaving your jack/guard to face a nearby guard who may want to force the dodge defence (especially in FF case with their poor dodging ability).

Stomp – basically hitting/slamming a prone player (the classic foul in BB).

Stall – leaving a player (standing or prone) in the sub bench entrance to the pitch. Therefore preventing any players to come on/off the pitch. But the foul is rolled for every action the blocking team makes whilst that hex is blocked (so they will probably be sent off sooner rather than later, unless it is that team’s last action of that rush!).

Distract – basically trying to distract the ref so that they do not notice other fouls (possibly used with the above foul?). However the distracting player if unsuccessful could get sent off!

Sneak – get more than 6 players on the pitch at one time. If the foul is detected then a random player is sent off. Could be useful as a last ditch attempt to save a strike…

So in summary there are a wide variety of fouls to be made. The ref then becomes more important (not just to block a hex). However these fouls could possibly tip the balance by allowing a more dominant team to then distract, sneak, stall and then stomp the opposing team to submission :? Also the penalties for being sent off are quite as terminal as in BB. Maybe next game give it a go…

Author: snailracer [ 02 Apr 2013 08:52 pm ]
Post subject: Re: Dreadball Fouling

I think it’s definitely a more useable tactic, especially as its not a permanent loss of player. Stall is probably the one I want to try. Seems useful if you get a guard stuck oilfield. Just stall and hope for a short penalty.

Author: Tubes [ 03 Apr 2013 07:06 am ]
Post subject: Re: Dreadball Fouling

Yes I’m really quite taken by Stall. But the foul is rolled after every action by the Stalling team! So best start the Stall at the end of your Rush… then move away at the start of your next rush, then back to Stall with the last action? Aaarrgggghhhh!

Author: BrizzleRob [ 03 Apr 2013 07:59 am ]
Post subject: Re: Dreadball Fouling

Clearly depends on the situation but I can see the attractiveness of ‘stall’ too.

Imagine you’re in possession of the ball, but unlikely to score until the next turn. You’ve cleared or are past any threatening guards, but there is one on the bench.

Take all your actions except one. Final action is to run/sprint a player onto the entry hex. Now your opponent has a whole turn unable to bring on reserves, without you being penalised at all. Next turn, one action to step your player off the hex, do your thing and (possibly before scoring) step the player back on the hex.

Basically minimise the number of actions you complete with a player ‘stalling’.

Author: Tubes [ 03 Apr 2013 08:26 am ]
Post subject: Re: Dreadball Fouling

It would be really frustrating as the Stalled team. You need to Slam the Staller or hope a foul is rolled if they stay there too long.

Could be ideal against Veer-Myn who only have a couple of guards! ;)

Author: BrizzleRob [ 03 Apr 2013 09:22 am ]
Post subject: Re: Dreadball Fouling

Definitely, especially if a side like the Veermyn had both guards off the pitch; they’ll have nothing to slam the ‘stalling’ opponent.

I’ll probably bitch like a teenage girl when this happens to me, but it’s part if the game. I presume you can protect the entry hex by placing one of your own team on it?

Author: snailracer [ 03 Apr 2013 03:30 pm ]
Post subject: Re: Dreadball Fouling

Is that really right? Orx could make absolute mincemeat of a team. One good round of slams to reduce a teams numbers and with your last action stall. You could then just move away with your first action play your turn (possibly remove even more opposition) and then stall again with your last action. Sounds far too good to me.

Author: BrizzleRob [ 03 Apr 2013 04:42 pm ]
Post subject: Re: Dreadball Fouling

It is pretty effective, but remember that the action to move the ‘stalling’ player onto the entry hex will trigger a ref check as well as suck up your available actions. It does seem particularly damaging against a weakened Veermyn team with no jacks and very few guards. Other teams are not as vulnerable.

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