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Author: Tubes [ 12 Apr 2013 10:27 am ]
Post subject: DB Match Feedback

I though I’d try (as concisely as possible :?) summarise my match reports so that other could learn what to do, or not.

11 April 2013
Me (Corp – Home) vs Luke (VM – Away)

I set up with 2 Guards, 2 Jacks & 1 Strike right up front with a Striker back defending the 3/4 strike hex. Luke set up deep, effectively blocking all viable striking opportunities. Great defence, especially knowing their speed and agility to respond in their Rush!

I aimed to remove VM players to force Luke using up AP to move subs back on the pitch rather than Strike attempts. To counteract VM high dodge success I used my Jacks to assist Slams by the Guards. Didn’t always work and left large gaps but it near impossible to hold them in place anyhow; got to get them off the pitch to help me!

From what I remember we bounced a couple of 2pt strikes to then be 2pt to VM. VM then blocked from 3/4pt Strike. I moved a Guard down, a Striker from the subs to assist, then due to that mistake (lack of forward planning) I had to waste an AP moving a striker off the pitch to bring a Jack on… In Luke’s next turn I played “Run Interference” card on that Jack. He knocked over the ball carrying VM striker = turnover in Luke’s Rush. I managed to leggit to sprint up the pitch for a 4pt Strike.

Last few Rushes for each team now. Soon into his Rush Luke attempted to pick up the ball and failed = turnover, possibly too early on in Rush and wasted other APs? I then scored another 4pt Strike = 6pt to Corp.

Luke positioned Striker on a ‘throw in’ hex to hopefully score and then catch the ball in my Rush (thinking ahead). If that did happen and he doubled the catch that VM Striker would get a free action in MY Rush (possible Strike attempt?)! He tried a 4pt Strike and missed (if the scatter was good it may have scattered back, catch and try again…). End of game.


      – Against high defence/agility teams need assists
      – AP sequence in a Rush is still vital just in case of turnovers (but less so than BB)
      – Buy a card early each turn, they are great to use 2 AP on a player AND then a card = 3 actions with any free ones on the way!
      – Watch for subs in defence of 3/4pt Strikes!
      – Run Interference makes Jacks great (can be used to Slam any player in their turn, or block a Strike!)
      – Before you Strike, think of the player’s orientation to then receive future passes!
      – Before you Strike, think of a player to catch the ball when thrown in during the opponent’s next Rush!!!


      and possibly double the catch and Strike
      – Use your Coaching Dice on actions where you’re likely to gain a Fan Check/Showboat… to then earn a Coaching Dice to replace it!
      – Corp are perfectly average, which doesn’t make them bad… or spectacularly good
    – VM can make more Strike attempts, but need several goes to score!

Author: snailracer [ 12 Apr 2013 06:10 pm ]
Post subject: Re: DB Match Feedback

I didn’t find the game last night as enjoyable as previous games. FF are tricky and against. Marauders seem more so.

Essentially Pete and I played out an attritional bb drive! I went for an early score as the home team but when my striker failed a dash (it was that or expose myself to a rear hit) Pete scooped up the ball and pretty much sat with it until two turns to go. I couldn’t make a dent in Pete’s guards and once I lost players I began to haemorrhage them. A four point score with two coaching dice put Pete ahead and gave me one turn to equalise. Unfortunately my only striker didn’t double his stand up so couldn’t make a four pointer. He scored two and when Pete failed to score with his last turn it ended 2-0.

I don’t think sharing cards across two games helped as I got no useful free actions all game. I also lost a guard on the pitch as I forgot where he was and assumed they were all jacks! Damon those similar poses.

Author: snailracer [ 12 Apr 2013 06:14 pm ]
Post subject: Re: DB Match Feedback

Ok only half a post due to kindle weirdness.

Ultimately I like the game and think we could run a league easily. The games are short enough to get another game in afterwards to keep it a group activity and a bit more fun.

I think it’s easy enough to pick up and most of the tactical options etc are easy enough to see. Some of the more complicated stuff will take mastering but that’s the same as bb.

Author: Tubes [ 14 Apr 2013 11:37 am ]
Post subject: Re: DB Match Feedback

By chance Rob & I played a couple of DB games yesterday. We firstly tried FF vs Marauders. The visitor’s (FF) defence was deep out of range of 1 AP Slams. The FF Guards then Slammed the Orx Guards with Jack assists to help tip the balance for similar 3+ Slam rolls. Not significant gains and the Orx smashed the Guards in their next rush. The ball was also tricky to handle and the game was a bit of a stalemate (aside from FF being knocked off the pitch).

However as the brawl was close to the subs’ bench the FF managed to eventually knock some Orx Guards off the pitch (for only a rush or two… none injured!). With the lack of ball handling a lone FF Jack managed to pick up the ball and score a 1pt strike (pathetic, but better than nothing). A gobbo Jack eentually scored a 4pter and they won by 3.

The second game was FF vs Corp. The Corp essentially got smashed with only 3 or 4 players on the pitch for most of the game. The Corp Strikers attempted 2 4pter Strikes (with coaching dice) but missed both times, then they were Slammed and injured… However the FF struggled to move the ball and a Corp Sucker Punch (right next to the Ref) spilt their ball, and the Guard was sent off… The FF could only Strike for 1pt in their final Rush.

Points learnt:
FF Guards have Steady! I forgot and they were like turtles stuck on their backs…
Use assists to tip the balance with similar style teams
Mark valuable players who are on the ground to inhibit them standing up (and potentially doubling for a free action!)
Blocking to even just move the opponent’s threat hex (in a draw) is really useful
Jacks still useful due to their flexibiliy
Rob rolls 5s & 6s, I roll 1s & 2s… but I still have opportunities to win (though my team would have been in pieces). I just didn’t make the 4+ 3-4pt Strikes on 2 or 3 dice… But it was still fun :P

Author: BrizzleRob [ 14 Apr 2013 12:17 pm ]
Post subject: Re: DB Match Feedback

In both matches the final result could have gone either way, for most of the match. Against FF double-teaming them can be nerve wracking as a coach. Even if they fend off the assisted slam, a well positioned slamming pair can then deliver a second slam from behind forcing a poor FF dodge.

Author: Tubes [ 14 Apr 2013 01:11 pm ]
Post subject: Re: DB Match Feedback

I should also mention that both games (each 14 rushes long) took about 2hr 30min, with setup time in between. So they are quick games once you know the principles.

Author: BrizzleRob [ 14 Apr 2013 01:59 pm ]
Post subject: Re: DB Match Feedback

Another thought regarding FF. To minimise the one-two slam (pairs teaming up to force a slam vs dodge), FF work best in groups. Help reduce the opportunities for opponents to easily flank your big hitters, by putting supporting Jacks and their threat hexes around them. Added benefit may be some supported slams.

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